Confused about what to wear

Not sure what to pick up from the closet that will work well for that look you want? Happens with us most of the times. Too many clothes in the wardrobe but still unable to decide what to put on to give yourself the perfect look. Even when comes to shopping for a new attire, we either ask a friend for advice by sending pictures through messenger apps on how one particular look goes on us or take the help of the sales girl around. It all gets so messed up not getting to know what exactly goes well on us. We’ve got some of the better ways to save you from all this trouble. Here are some quick tips to come to your rescue and get the best wardrobe hacks. You can thank us later when you slay the glam look in your everyday life-

1.     If you want well-fitting clothes and not finding it right, always go for Lycra. For T-shirts, search for 95% cotton 5 % Lycra and for jeans look for at least 2% Lycra so that they are in good shape of your body. While buying new garments, make sure that you look for the tag where the information about the dress is mentioned. Or in case you buy it online, got for the detailed product description to know more about it. It is usually present in most of the garments whether it is made of pure cotton or mixed with lycra or some other material.
2.     If it’s cold outside and you do not know what to drape up, never underestimate the power of a pajama. Even if you wear a coat over your peejays, you sport a cool look. Nobody will judge you for this you can bet. It’s your style which you can easily flaunt in as simple a clothing as a pajama. But make sure you team it up well with the tops or jackets.
3.     Always stock up the basic accessories like scarves, sunglasses, hats, belts. They will enhance the look of every simple outfit you wear. Be it with a simple single colored top or a flowy skirt or just basic tees and jeans, accessories go with all. Have a collection so that you can quick fix your attire as per the look you want.
4.     The best saviour in case of doubt is a basic tee. Keep a variety of shades of tees and the you’ll never be confused. Select any one of those you feel like.Pair it up with denims and a pair of sneakers and there you go. Go for lighter shades in the summers and daytime and darker ones for the rest. Also, a plain black and a simple white tee are must haves in any girl’s wardrobe. You never know when these can turn out to be your best friends in case of need.
5.     The internet is loaded with a number of ecommerce stores. Buy jeans, dresses and women topwear online and get hassle free delivery in a couple of days. There is a never ending choice which you can get just at one click. Whether you want designer wear or the basic garments or high street fashion apparel, you get it all as per your need.
6.     If you are a little heavy, don’t give others an illusion to be heavier by wearing baggy clothes. Feel perfectly fine in clothes of your size and not 2 sizes bigger to cover your curves.
7.     The selection of your clothes should somewhat be dependent upon your skin tone as well. If you are pale, avoid beige, yellow and such pale shades. It will make you look dull. But if you have a darker skin tone, wearing lighter shades like pinks and blues will compliment you. You can find a wide range of women western clothing online to choose what really suits your skin tone and matches your look.
8.     Try avoiding long sweaters if you’re not too tall. This will further give a shorter illusion. Instead, go for short of waist length tops and sweaters to give you the perfect look.
9.     Tailored pants are always there for your rescue. Match them with a long shirt or tuck one inside. You can also choose to get a blazer or wear coats in neutral shades depending upon the occasion.
10.                        Always keep a scarf handy. It is the ultimate accessory and can be made into a knot as you may please. Drape up a scarf on a dress or a shirt or tee and give the perfect finish to your style.
11.                        You can mix and match and wear several necklaces together. It will give you a funky look. The same can be done with bangles or bracelets as well. Layering the trinkets is a cool thing.
12.                        For partywear, a Little Black Dress, fondly known as an LBD is the solution to any problem. It is a recommended part of clothing every woman must have to save her from last minute hassles.
13.                        Having a pair of nude pumps is a safe bet. It can be slipped on with any attire and still will look good on you. Nude pumps go well jeans, dresses and skirts equally. Make sure you keep one pair at least for yourself.
14.                        Avoid wearing baggy clothes from head to toe. If you wear loose lowers, go for a tight top. Pair up your your loose tops with tights or skin fit jeans or slender pants. Overall baggy clothes do not match up to give the best look always. So try avoiding these to enhance your figure.

With all of these tips, you can sort your dressing more than before. Keeping these in mind will save you in times of need. Even then if you need second opinion, you can go for some mobile apps available these days which let you to upload your pictures and create a poll for the friends you have added about how that dress looks on you. But after everything, it’s ultimately you whose inner confidence will make any look perfect on you. Just go with it and set your own style.