Straight, Waves Or Curl: Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Whether following the latest trends or peeping into the 80s and 90s, hair styling has always been the favourite of every decade. The fashion industry has always been on a lookout for trendiest hairstyles to crop and blend with the trendiest attires. Owing to the fast escalating competition in the industry, the fashionistas have eventually evolved with the idea of introducing hair extensions that can bestow a drop-dead gorgeous hairstyle in no time. Irrespective of the hair length and texture, hair extensions have made it possible to change the hairstyles according to the moods and grooves of the women.

Straight, Waves Or Curl: Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Hence, if you are thinking of getting a hair weave anything from straight to waves to curls, let this be your one-stop guide!

Straight Hair Extensions
Straight hair extensions have always created a huge storm in the market owing to the fascinating neat look it bestows to the beholder. Women across the world often like to experiment with straight hair extensions and smartly come out with the best results. Besides the badass bob cut and the pixy chop, some tend to keep it long as well. Lengthy hair extending to shoulders and hair longer than 30" are usually preferred by women more.

Apart from the variety in length, weaves are also differentiated on the basis of quality and longevity. If you are on a lookout for the silkiest bunch that is completely style-ready, then Straight Brazilian Hair Weave is just the right thing for you. The soft grandeur also allows you to roll them out into curls in the easiest way possible. The Vietnamese straight weave has also proved to be a tough competition. Owing to its voluptuous outlook, the extension is sure to drop the jaws of the onlookers.

Curly Hair Extensions
Curly hair extensions rule the world with its sexy grooves. The luscious looking glamour has always made the beholder stand out in a crowd. Curls are indeed not everyone's cup of tea as it calls for some serious attitude to carry the quirky look.

Straight, Waves Or Curl: Everything You Need To Know About Hair Extensions


There is a wide range of fascinating curl extensions hand-picked from across the world, to suit the moods of the charming ladies. Among them, the Malaysian curly hair remains the top choice for most of the customers. Owing to the perfect tone it adorns the beholder with, at the most affordable price range, Malaysian curls happen to rule the hearts like a pro!

However, if popularity is what pleases your mind, then the Indian curly hair will undoubtedly be your final decision. With the smoothest finish and perfectly natural look, it has never disappointed the customers till date.

Wavy Hair Extensions
Aren't waves our all-time favorite? More so because of the effortless look it blesses the beholder with, wavy hair always comes to the rescue for our indecisive self. Tuning best with our carefree attitude, flaunting the beach waves is forever stylish let it be a day or a night! Such high popularity and affection have eventually resulted in a wide variety of wavy hair extensions, and we are in love with them all.

Indian wavy hair is chosen by a major population because of its naturally gorgeous texture and is especially known for its thick consistency and near-to-perfect finish altogether. Besides, the Vietnamese wavy hair and the Malaysian body wave are also adored for their blonde and honey highlights.

The fashion industry is regularly emerging with so many glamorous styles, that it often becomes difficult to cope up with. However, if chosen wisely, the extravagant piece of charm can surely be worth every penny. Not just that, you can also style and color them according to your wish which gives an additional benefit of keeping your natural hair safe from damage. So stop thinking and get going and choose just the right extension to flaunt your quirky self in the best way possible!