Tips on how design your own Caiman boots

There are numerous materials that can be used in making incredible boots, and one of the most sought-after material is Caiman skin. Caiman skin is known as an Exotic Leather that requires attention and care in order for it to last longer and in order for it to keep its shine and quality.

Caiman boots are made out of the skin of Caiman crocodiles and they fall under the category of crocodilian leathers together with Nile crocodile skin and American alligator skin. Even though they fall in the same category, Caiman skin is different from the rest of the exotic leathers. For starters, Caiman skin is more structured than that of an alligator skin because of the skinniness of Caiman crocodiles. They are also shorter, only measuring about 3 to 4 feet while the rest of the exotic leathers coming from crocodiles can measure up to 15 feet.

Also, the quality of Caiman skin is less than alligator skin, but that does not mean it does not look great when used as boots or other accessories, it just means that there is a certain care that needs to be done in order to retain its quality.

Tips on how design your own Caiman boots

These are the unique characteristics of Caiman skin and here are some tips on how design and make your own Caiman boots.

      1.) Pick the material that you are going to use
Before you start designing and making your own boots, you need to choose the material that works best for you. Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing the material that you are going to use:

Durability–Footwear needs to be durable because you are going to use it everyday plus the material that you are planning to use must be able to withstand the weather changes and the different conditions of the environment. There are instances that you would need to do a long walk, or you would need to run or jog and that those activities could put pressure on your boots. If you ensure the durability of the material that you are going to use, you won’t have to worry about it tearing off anytime.

Color – Color sets the tone of your overall outfit, and choosing the right color for your boots is the most crucial part. The thing with caiman skin is that it is a bit difficult to dye, which is why you have to think of the best color for you before you start coloring it as to not wear the skin off before you even get to use it because of excessive dying. Darker colors or the neutral ones are the best to color your caiman skin with as it goes with any Western outfit, once you get the stage of dying your boots then you are good to go.

Flexibility – As mentioned, you will never know what you will be doing once you wear your Caiman boots, which is why you need to make sure that the material is flexible enough to withstand the daily walks and the other activities that you do.

Budget – One of the reasons why caiman skin is one of the most sought-after exotic leathers is because it is The Most Budget Friendly Material out of all of them. If you are thinking of designing and making your own leather boots and if it is your first time doing so, then caiman skin is the best one for you.

       2.) Know where to purchase your material

There are three sources that you can go to if you want to purchase caiman skin for your very own caiman boots, there are tanneries, distributors and manufacturers. Tanneries are best for those who are thinking of buying the caiman skin in bulk, but if you are into retail instead of wholesale then you can go to any distributer near you. You have to keep in mind though that the retail price is slightly higher than the wholesale price as profits for the distributors are added. This is the reason why those who are thinking of making caiman boots as a living get the skin in a wholesale price. Another way is to get it straight from the manufacturer, the prices are a lot budget friendly, but the downside is not everyone has a manufacturer near then, thus settling for distributers and tanneries.

Tips on how design your own Caiman boots

You need to know how to work the skin
Because Caiman skin is bonier, there is a can wear and tear during the designing and the production, which is why you have to remember to use a dremel in order to make the sewing line thinner and to let the sewing needle pass through easily. Doing so prevents the needle from passing through calcium deposits that are thick and may break the needle or tear the skin.

Another thing that you need to remember is applying chemical agents that could protect the quality of the Caiman skin. This is usually done after the boots are made in order to prevent dust, dirt and other particles from accumulating. It also makes it easier for you to clean your boots and it prevents the skin from wearing off easily.

Caiman skin is inflexible in a way that it instantly shows marks, stretches and lines once you start using it. It also shows the folds and it does not go back to its original form once it is used and people now see it as a part of the design of Caiman boots. But if you are uncomfortable with all the lines, marks and stretches then there is a solution that you can do in order to minimize its appearance. There are crocodile leather conditioners that you can purchase and apply on your boots that can help protect it from wearing off, having too much lines and folds and from it getting damaged permanently. The crocodile leather conditioner can also add shine and luster on your boots and it stops dust and dirt from accumulating.

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