Bring the Fashionista Out of You: 5 Stylish Lazy Day Outfit Ideas

A lazy day does not necessarily mean that you have to look outdated and unstylish. For sure, no one wants to go out of the house looking like a lazy and slovenly person. But there are times when you just feel like putting on your best clothes. Of course, lazy days are normal. However, we women shouldn’t let it be a reason to dress up less than chic and sleek. Do not let the lazy day get to you. Even though you feel sick, lazy, or tired, it does not mean that you have to wear your sweats or pajamas.

5 Stylish Lazy Day Outfit Ideas

For a little help, listed below are five outfit ideas for lazy days that are certainly comfortable yet stylish. So relax and take note of these outfit ideas that you can wear on those unavoidable lazy days.

Stretchable Jeggings and Leggings

Jeggings and Leggings can be your most valuable item during lazy days. These clothing items look similar to a pair of jeans. The only difference is that jeggings and leggings are softer and way more stretchable. Cozy yet stylish jeggings and leggings are perfect when you wish to look refined but easygoing at the same time. You can go for denim jeggings or black knit leggings because they fit your body snugly, and are very appropriate for a quick excursion around town.

Pair your jeggings or leggings with smart and sleek tunics and sweaters. Complete the look with flats or boots. For accessories, you can add a metallic belt or a printed scarf. You can also wear sunglasses for a more classic ensemble.

Stylish Tunics

Tunics, made from cotton fabric, are perfect to wear especially on lazy days. These tops will never go out of style because they are simply stylish and very easy to dress up. And most probably, tunics are one of the handiest clothing items that you can have in your dresser.

You can certainly wear tunics in many ways. You can pair it with skirts, leggings, or even trousers. Just make sure that you select the right piece and style it accordingly. They are certainly perfect for any occasion like dates, traveling, or even at work.

Messy Hair, Don’t Care
On lazy days, girls also tend to be lazy fixing their hair. Thus, they end up with a messy bun. However, don’t underestimate the effect of messy buns because they do not only cover-up greasy hairs, but they look very stylish as well.

5 Stylish Lazy Day Outfit Ideas

It is an excellent way to prep your hair when you are too lazy or busy to do your hair. Aside from messy buns, you can also opt wearing beanies since they are perfect for hiding your hair’s greasy roots.

Furthermore, you can opt to braid your hair, curling them, adding scarves or headbands, and many more. These lazy day hairstyles will help you get through the lazy days without looking like a total mess.

Cozy Sweatpants

For sure, every woman needs one or two pairs of comfortable sweatpants, most especially for lazy days. Rest assured, modern sweatpants are chic and sleek which may even have awesome details like pockets. Plus, you can easily wear them with ankle booties or ballet flats, and not a single person will even notice how comfortable you truly are.


Lazy days can certainly make you feel sick or tired. But don’t let it get in the way, especially when it comes to dressing up. Girl's Clothing such as jeggings, leggings, tunics, sweatpants are some of your best options when laziness strikes. So you will never have a problem styling yourself out.

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Caleigh Martin is a fashion and furniture blogger. She gets most of her ideas based on her personal experience. In her spare time, Caleigh trains for herself for the upcoming triathlon.