3 Fashion Outfit Trends for You and Your Dog

In today’s generation, the trend of fashion has become enormous. Regardless of what gender, most of the people are now prevailing the taste of their appearance. What is more exciting about the fashion craze is that even pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, and much more are now into it.

As studies shows, pets, especially dogs gives a lot of essential benefits to its owner. Known as man’s best friend; they may improve your social life, make your heart healthier and a lot more. That’s why there are dog lovers who spend so much to take good care of their pooches, they even dress and style their dogs as their child.

Fashion Outfit Trends

As such, being a dog lover and a fashion enthusiast is in the trend. There are a lot of people right now who are wearing matching outfits with their dogs. If you want to be one of those people and involve yourself in the trend, here are some of matching fashion outfit that you may consider for you and your dog.

Try the Crafty Apparel

If you’re one of the people who are into art and you want your dog to be just like you; try outfits that are crafty or handmade. Try some hand-fashioned frocks, just make sure that the color of the apparel suits you and your dog well. Otherwise, if this doesn’t work for you, you can always go by having a scarf and a sweater matching with what color suits your dog. 

Alternatively, you can also wear a simple floral patterned dress matching it up with your pooch.

Dazzling Gold

If you want to let you and your pet look fancy and elegant, try the dazzling gold outfit. You can have a drapelike top dotted with shining shimmering gold beads. Match it up with silky golden yellow pants. To pair up with your pooches, have them dress like you, find a nice gold outfit for them. This kind of apparel is the perfect choice if you have a dog like a hairy chihuahua.

Go For a Dalmatian Inspired Outfit

If you have a Dalmatian dog, this outfit is perfect for you. You can go for a dalmatian print hat and shirt, match it with a coat that has a neutral palette. By doing this, you can now walk with your dog showing that you appreciate him as your own.

On the other hand, if your dog is not dalmatian, you can still wear a dalmatian inspired outfit with your dog. Just see to it, that the Dalmatian prints will match the color of your dog then it’s a good deal.


In the present, we can’t deny the fact that fashion is everywhere. Most people nowadays click on what’s new and trendy, and even pets like our dogs get involved with it. To show their love and care to their pets, some people match up their outfit with their dogs correspondingly.

Nonetheless, matching up your outfit with your dog can be challenging yet exciting. Thus, if you wanted to pair your outfit with your pooches, the information above can be a great help for you. Also, sites like French Connection is an excellent reference for you.