Don't Try These Makeup Hacks — Ever!

With skyrocketing beauty and skincare product prices these days, who does not love makeup hacks?  Makeup hacks are often inexpensive, practical and offer multi-functional benefits for various makeup and skincare products.  Quite often, completely unrelated products are also widely acclaimed for their supposed beauty and skincare benefits.

Don't Try These Makeup Hacks

10 Makeups you must never ever try
Bet you’ve heard these makeup hacks before, and probably tried one or a few yourself in the past!  Below are 10 of the most popular makeup hacks that must be banished to oblivion before these hurt — the skin and the ego — of one more unsuspecting victim:

1. Colorless lacquer to stunt and cover up cold sores.
Cold sores are painful enough on their own.  Seriously reconsider if you’re considering this beauty hack at all!  Lacquers are among the harshest if not the most toxic beauty products around.  Stunting your cold sore with a lacquer will only make it more painful than it already is.

2.  Lipstick to dry out pimples. 
For all you know, it could be a makeup product you’re using that caused your pimples to breakout. So, why use an often chemical laden lipstick to further infect your already-infected pore?  Get yourself an inexpensive zit cream or cleanser that contains acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid instead.

3.  Permanent markers used as eyeliners. 
Yish! This hack is completely ignorant — period!  You don’t even have to think to delve into how toxic permanent markers can be for your skin, you just have to consider how you’ll take it off when you need to wipe it off.

4.  Crayons and Sharpies to color your eyelids and lips.
Using highlighters to color your nails is fine but, to color your face?  Totally unthinkable! Unless you perceive your face as paper, then go right ahead and draw with crayons and sharpies with it.

5.  Underarm deodorant to control excess oils.
Disgusting as it may sound, some people do think deodorant can solve their greasy face issues.  Let’s review!  What does an underarm deodorant try to control?  Sweat, isn’t it?  It’s not the same as oil so what’s the point of having to put this product on your face? Duuuuh!

Don't Try These Makeup Hacks

6.  Onions to thicken your eyebrows. 
Unless you’ve never sliced open an onion before, you’ll figure out how foolish this hack is in an instant.  Onion stings your eyes and, unless you want to cry your tear glands out, it’s best to keep it away from your eyebrows.

7.  Glue to treat blackheads.
How hard is it to get yourself a nose strip, really?  If you don’t have one on-hand, boil yourself a bowl of water and subject your face to the steam.  This opens up your pores.  Follow up with a gentle wash and you’ll be free from blackheads without sticky glue on your face!

8. Lemons as skin brighteners.
The juice of lemon and lime are effective skin brighteners due to their natural astringent properties.  What most makeup tricks list fails to mention is that lemon and lime juice must never find its way on your face in its undiluted form.  These are super drying that it will not only zap out moisture from your skin but even burn it on the spot.  Always add in lukewarm water or honey in a 1: 2 up to 1:4 ratio.

9. Diaper rash cream to cure zits.
Just because zits are so common, that does not mean zits can be relieved by any other unthinkable means, does it?  Leave the diaper rash cream on your baby and find yourself a blemish cream. Any zit can instantly vanished with simple makeup tricks.

10.  Chocolate drink as a self-tanner.
Unless your objective is to be chased all day by ants, cockroaches and other insects then, go ahead and try this makeup hack while you have your bikinis on!

The popularity of social media, somehow, seems to have proliferated many of these makeup tricks too — and, it seems, in fact, more have surfaced in this past decade.  While you may love makeup hacks, it will be safer for you to know that many are myths, and some can actually harm you if you’re not careful.