How to Lose Weight without Exercising

Exercising and weight loss have become synonymous off late. But for those lazy bums who would rather gorge on raw veggies than break a sweat, we have some weight loss hacks up our sleeve which will make sure those oodles of fat you have been trying hard to shove away for years finally disappear and never return.

How to Lose Weight without Exercising

1.  The Dim Light and Soft Music Effect
It has been established in a research conducted by Brain Wansink, that people having food in a restaurant having dim light and serene background music added 175 calories less with their meal in comparison to those having food in a blazing eatery with thumping music. The science behind the same is that dim light slows down the consumption speed of individuals and food also cools off in the elongated time span. As far as we guess, soggy French-fries never attracted anybody.

2   Reducing Plate Size
Size of the plate also has a significant role to play in adding calories to our body on a daily basis. A bigger plate helps us with bigger helpings. A smaller plate in contrast can accommodate smaller quantities of food. This can reduce calorie intake as refilling the food bowl repeatedly is surely a frustrating task.

Reducing Plate Size

3.  Squeezing It Down
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4.  Naptime Story
Getting adequate sleep not only leaves your skin baby soft and wrinkle free but also tones down on that excess appetite. It has been proven in scientific researches that sleep deprived people feel hungry more often as their body secretes the ghrelin hormone which stimulates hunger. Brain scans of sleep deprived individuals have established the fact that eating lights up a portion of their brain and creates a reinforcing cycle where the hunger increases with every bite you take.

5.  Breakfast is The Key
Our definition of sumptuous breakfast stays incomplete without hash browns, piled up bacon and breakfast breads. But that weights terribly low on the health scale. An ideal breakfast needs to have ample protein content to keep us on our toes and running throughout the day. Long gaps of time in between two meals can be detrimental to body causing unwanted weight gain.  Having small mid time snacks is always advisable by health experts.

6.     Healthier Cooking Alternatives
If the cooking method of food is incorrect, then even the most stringent diet plans can barely help in the weight loss programme. Using excess oil, high fat sauces and seasonings can slow down or entire reverse the Weight Loss Process. You should opt for cooking methods like grilling, steaming, roasting or boiling and also switch to canola oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Healthier Cooking Alternatives

7.   Staying Hydrated
Extreme thirst sometimes induces hunger. Drinking adequate fluids keep our system hydrated and our belly filled thus tricking our body to consume less.

At the end it all topples down to determination and patience. Bearing a considerable amount of pain today is bound to generate more than expected returns in days to come.