"I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair."  This is one of the most wonderful quotes on hair which summaries the need and desire of every woman on this planet. A beautiful looking hair with the freshness and the encompassing feel of nature is all that one desires to get.

There's the blonde, brunette, red and black which when applied in tones can give rise to different tones. For example, blonde color when applied with cooler tones produces a hair color known as ash blonde.  You must have come across the hair color chart that shows the tones from blonde to black, offering a variety of tones to match your need, that somehow may seem to you to be mundane and boring but the Tiger Eye hair color style is surely going to make you escape from them all.

To clear any misconceptions let me make it clear that the "Tiger Eye" hair color style has no nothing to do with the animal, which seems so evident, but draws inspiration from "Tiger’s eye stone," which is a semi-precious rock with a distinct pattern of gold, bronze, and dark brown stripes. A mixture of warm brown and caramel hue highlight not only gives a gorgeous but also an appealing look to the personality. This is not the only reason why this hairstyle has rocked Instagram and is being touted as the next big thing of 2017 but also because of the fact that Tiger Eye stone is said to ward off evil, an added incentive for the superstitious to experiment with this kind of style.

Be careful to not step into a salon and ask for the Tiger Eye style for your trust on your stylist would be shattered as you may land up with stripes of orange, white and black! While this is still not a common style among the salons and hairdressers, the key to getting this style is asking for caramel highlights paired with a warm, or dark chocolate base so it doesn’t turn out to be too bronze. The right way would be by asking not to over do it and let it be as simple as possible. This would let you get a look that's appealing at large and yet seem very natural, adding a glee to your personality.

From the likes of Jennifer Lopez to Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen have already jumped on this new Hair Style bandwagon which seems an obvious thing in this era of glamour and trend gizmos. Will it stay or perish in the months or maybe years to come is a thing that we need to wait and see but it has surely become one of the hottest topics of the year, just before the end of 2016 approaches.

Another secret about this phenomenon is that Tiger Eye is said to bring clarity in your life!