Where you can Shop until you Drop in Dubai - Fashion and Beauty Tips

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, with numerous malls and markets that can be found in and around the city selling everything from fashion items to beautiful jewellery pieces, technology and menswear.

 Travellers choose to visit Dubai to indulge in all that it has to offer, including popular entertainment, celebrity-owned restaurants serving up delicious food, renowned attractions and, of course, one of some of the biggest shopping outlets in the world.

For those who are planning trips to this beautiful and popular city are in for a treat if they like spoiling themselves. We have put together a short list of three amazing shopping destinations that shouldn’t be missed:

Dubai Shopping Festival
The Dubai Shopping Festival is world famous, and attracts shoppers from all parts of the globe with its fantastic deals on everything from cars to fashion, jewellery and so much more. The festival, which was started in 1996, was organised to promote trade and commerce in Dubai and over the years it has only grown and made the city proud. 

Dubai Shopping Festival

At the festival, shoppers can expect to find only the best products and an amazing range of entertainment options that they can take part in.
Throughout the festival, there are amazing competitions where shoppers can win gold an cars, deals on an array of clothing and products with massive discounts, and there are beautiful firework displays throughout to celebrate the festival itself.

Dubai Souks
A Souk is a traditional Arabic market, and there are numerous souks that can be found in the city selling all sorts of goods. Some of the most popular souks include:

Gold Souk: Probably the most popular of all the souks, shoppers will find great deals on trinkets, jewellery and solid gold at this glittering market. From Arabic designs to gorgeous gemstones, there are numerous deals to be made on an array of delightful pieces at this market.

Dubai Souks

Textile Souk: Shoppers will be dazzled by the amazing selection of colourful fabrics they will find at the Textile Souk. From airy cottons to shiny silks, those who like to indulge in custom made clothing will think they have finally found paradise.

Spice Souk: Let your nose lead the way at this delightful souk. The Spice souk sells a delightful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as numerous spices that you can take home with you when your holiday ends.

Atlantis, the Palm
You might not think that shopping at a beach resort or hotel would be fun, or that they would have a selection of goods big enough to satisfy a shopaholic’s needs, but you will be surprised.

Atlantis, The Palm is one of the most popular Hotels In Dubai and it has all of your shopping wants and needs under one roof, meaning there is no need for you to go anywhere else to purchase exactly what you need.

From Atlantis boutiques selling all of your needs – including swimwear, clothing and shoes, and other shops that sell everything from watches to jewellery, gifts to souvenirs, confectionary and delicacies. 

No matter where you choose to shop while visiting Dubai, you will not be disappointed. From the traditional markets to fancy hotels, all your wants and needs will be fulfilled.