Top Ten Fashion Styles in 2017 - Fashion and Beauty Tips

The chill of winter will be ushered in softly with fall 2016, winter 2017 flair for femininity. It's not the eighties anymore, but pretty in pink' will reappear with winter temperatures to set hearts a flutter and cheeks aglow. From the looks on the runway in Paris that we've already seen this fall; the trend will continue along with some English aristocrat influence that may appear a bit brisk at first; but these checkered prints and stripes give off a fantastically crisp, clean business and casual look. Where some may consider the aristocrat look to be a bit drab; it seems from the appearance thus far that this once boring box-like design now possesses the ability to completely accentuate the simple truth in the beauty of the woman brave enough to boast what some may consider an ugly duckling following the feminine pinks and mauves. This is no mix and match as the sparkles, furs, and floral comradery of the romance party certainly cannot blend bling with blah, but there's just something flirty in the plaid and striped look that is appealing and attracts the onlooker. Not just anyone can pull off these boyish knicker-loving Aristocratic Styles, but the truly confident woman will carry herself with an air of dignity causing a stir in the true fashion lover's soul. The Prince of Wales checks: Checks, stripes, plaids are running amuck on the runway and although a sharp contrast to the feminine furs, flower patterns, and pastel pretties; the crispness of the haughty business-like look seems to set them apart onto a heavenly cloud all their own. This particular style actually gives off an air of control and confidence to the beholder and the wearer. Not nearly as ugly as the title from Vogue might imply! Here are the Top Ten List Fashion Styles in 2017

 1. Stripes: It's breaking all the rules with this ban of bars going in every direction in every size possible. The bolder the better when it comes to these regimental divisions. Black, white, colors so bright! The possibilities are never ending in this classic category. Thick, thin, whatever is in! 


2. Floral Print: Is floral print ever out? It makes an appearance every year and this year is no exception. Floral fields of vibrancy and allure are romancing down the runways from realistic looking petals of passion to fifty shades of beige, still able to attract the eye to the style regardless of the colorless effort.

Floral Print

3. Bubblegum Pink: Inclusive of furs, sparkles, and hews of mauve; this flirty fashion is certainly not a faux pa and right up to the girly woman's alley. All women love to feel pretty and in these colors and textures; one could not hope for a more girlish feel and glow! 

Bubblegum Pink

4. Jackets and Coats: This fall and winter the classics are back and two of them are big enough to smuggle any fashionista fear so, what lies beneath may not even be at issue. The puffer coats are making another appearance. Dredging up the 90's isn't all that bad when a jacket makes even the fluffiest fem appear fragile. Blasting out in metallic puff can now be cool over any outfit for a night out or Christmas shopping. Could it be that the puffy coat is no longer considered the tacky Michelin Man' look, but cool' in complete contrast to its warming purpose? Now that look is great to shroud one from the harshest winter frost, however; should you feel a bit sketchy, you can add a bit of mystery by shrouding your fashion in an 80's wool trench, Navy or vinyl rain trench. 

Jackets and Coats

Espionage has never felt so good and knowing you'll steal the show when you unbutton and disrobe from this classic should be just enough to set the stage in the once revered must have'. The jacket category continues to unveil yet another fall and winter option in bringing back the leather biker look with a feminine twist. The accents to add a lady-like look to the black leather range from jewelry to print. Aesthetically pleasing, fresh, feminine, and pardon my French, but simply and still bad ass. The trusted ski-jacket is still in and never seemingly goes out of style. Different versions and colors, but that tried and true legend is still on tap for winter 2017 as well. 

5. Extra-long sleeves: Not sure why, when, or how this made the runway, but never the less; the elongated way of hiding chewed fingernails from high school is back. These sleeves extend past the fingertips to remove the need for gloves all the while keeping in fashion and being able to steer the car without leaving so much as a fingerprint or attracting frost bite. Super sleeves have a comforting appeal to the Rhianna loving style gurus and it is said that the sultry songstress herself iconized the look and approves of it being the comeback kid of fall and winter. 

Extra-long sleeves

6. Turtlenecks under dresses: The classic childlike jumper look is in again and this time; it doubles your summer wardrobe. Take a sleeveless, low cut dress and explore the options by adding any color turtleneck underneath. This is a clean, timeless look that goes from the grocery store to the office without taking time to change in a phone booth on the way. It wasn't mentioned by the experts, but the cowl neck seems to be an okay substitute for the turtle chokehold any day of the winter week. 

Turtlenecks under dresses

7. Platform boots: Daring and dashing come to mind when podium scaffolding carries you through the slushy streets. They're showing zebra stripes, but it can be guaranteed that these seventies stilts can be found in every fabric and design. As long as you scuff them up a bit so as not to skid across central park sidewalks to your demise; one can assume if they're still good enough for the band KIS, they're good enough for everyone else. 

Platform boots

8. Trooper Hats: Ah, leave it to Louis Vuitton to come along with the oversized furry Russian looking trooper hat, but you don't have to overdo to look cool. Any size trooper will do and as long as the furry flaps cover your ears, you'll never succumb to the below-zero bitter cold that even Russians find a bit too frosty. 

Trooper Hats

9. Leggings: Well, praise the Lord! And here you thought Wal-Mart had lost its mind! No! They're AGAIN. Wear them under dresses and skirts with all the confidence in the world because according to Vogue magazine, these elastic loves are no longer in limbo. 


10. Faux Fur Stoles: The animal rights activists haven't howled a peep of protest over these imposturous fur accent pieces. And the very cool thing about this style trend is that it has been seen paired with the Prince of Whales checkered look. Heck! Don't stop at checked. The furry pelts can be a sexy addition to anyone of the fall or winter looks. So, as you can see; the fashion trends we are seeing this fall and winter open up the doors of opportunity to get creative with your wardrobe. 

Faux Fur Stoles

Mixing and matching, trending and blending comfort, warmth, eye-popping colors and patterns seem to be on tap for hot cocoa loving, cappuccino sipping winter wonderland enjoyers everywhere. Whether you're wearing leopard print platforms or zebra striped pantsuits, you're the list of comfort-clothes go-to's is a mile of style long!