The Beauty Nails Designs for Short and Long Nails

Nails come in all sorts, shapes and sizes. Some girls prefer all natural nails whereas some prefer long, false nails. No matter what shape or size nails you like, having a pretty manicure will contribute to a lady-like look! Besides, pretty nails are one of the things men really appreciate about us women, too. So here's some inspiration for both short nail lovers and long nail lovers. Scroll down and get inspired!

Long nails
With long nails, the possibilities are endless. You can easily switch shapes, going from square to oval or even a funky stiletto! The most popular nail shape for longer nails is the coffin shape.

Square nails

Coffin nails

Oval nails

Stiletto nails

Short nails
Short nails can be both pretty and practical. A bit of filing will do to keep them in a good shape without getting too long. Nail art is a great way to spice up the look of your nails, but it does require a little practice.

#1ST Design

#2nd Design

#3rd Design

Source - http://www.blesmagazine.com