Fashion Faux Pas: Style Blunders that Age You

Fashion is a playground up until a certain age. But then you have to find your own signature and your own style”-Nicolas Ghesquiere

Admittedly, some of us—even the most discriminating style connoisseurs would often regard fashion as an alternative to the mythical fountain of youth. In one way or another, wearing the right kind of garb—whether retail or Wholesale Clothing--can do wonders in concealing your true age and at times, even succeed in making you years younger. But while that is true, any error in your style endeavors could also spell a blunder for you and accomplish the opposite. While having sporting an appropriate style contributes to looking young, it is also imperative to be aware of the various fashion mistakes that you may be committing that can inadvertently age you.

Fashion Faux Pas: Style Blunders that Age You

1.)    You layer too much

In an attempt to conceal the weight you have gained over the years, you cover your arms, stomach and your hips underneath shapeless clothing. True enough, people would not notice the extra fat in those areas, but you have managed to successfully make yourself look ten pounds heavier and years older. Instead of layering too many clothes, opt to flatter your figure instead by choosing clothes that fit you well and would accentuate your best assets.

2.)    You follow trends way too religiously

If it is all the rage then it is a guarantee to be in your closet—so much so that your closet is already filled to the brim with these trends. Though this is not necessarily a bad thing, if you have noticed an overabundance of trendy clothing which have not even seen the light of day since you bought it, then you run the risk of looking dated and behind the times by the time you find an appropriate time and occasion to wear them. Instead of investing on trends that come and go, stick to the classics such as leather, dark floral, plaids and summer cuts such as pencil skirts and tailored pants.

3.)    Wearing too-dark lipstick

Dark lipsticks may help define your pout and draw out your lips. But if you choose a color that is too dark or way too bright, you may be drawing attention to your laugh lines. If you do not want to draw attention to your laugh lines, go for a tinted gloss lined with lip color instead as it gives you a more youthful appearance.

4.)    Dressing too young
Sure, you do want to look younger but if you assemble an outfit that would be something your daughter (or even granddaughter) might choose for themselves then you are going to attract a lot of attention—in a bad way. Dress appropriately according to your age and though you may invest in youthful apparel, do not go overboard, or you will only look like you are trying too hard.

5.)    You wear ill-fitting undergarments
Undergarments, albeit concealed, play a pivotal role on how your overall ensemble would look like. In a sense, it assists in giving your outfit an excellent foundation which is why wearing ones that do not fit well would be a fatal fashion mistake and can potentially age you. Invest in a good pair of undergarments that do fit well and routinely change them over time as your breast size tends to fluctuate. So, what fit you five years ago may not correctly fit you now.