Top Fashions Jewellery Trends – Choose Wedding Rings

A gem is one of the most precious things in the world. It is used for various purposes but mostly used for making ornaments. Certain rocks such as Lapis lazuli are also used for jewellery and therefore considered to be gemstone. Most of Gemstones are soft but some of them hard too. Some Gems are very precious while others are semi-precious. Gemstones are often classified into different groups, species and varieties. For example, Ruby is the red variety of the species corundum while any other color of corundum is considered sapphire.

Top Fashions Jewellery Trends

Jewellery in Indian market:-
Jewellery is considered as women’s first love. In India we often see women prefer buying jewellery over other luxurious commodities. In India biggest expenditure in marriage is spend on buying jewellery. There are thousands of products and hundred companies offering same product so it is very necessary to understand what customer actually wants to buy. Ornament industry is completely dominated by Indian companies in India as they know what actually wants. Also, it is found in survey that out of 3 jewels one come to India for polishing. India has huge market for jewellery and it is booming. States like Gujarat and Maharashtra have exceled in it. Companies like choosing wedding rings have various attractive jewellery products which is both attractive and affordable.

Types of Jewellery:-
Jewellery consists of various types such as Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Earrings etc.  Earlier Necklace was mostly preferred by women but now we are seeing that men are also interested in buying necklace. They mostly prefer gold necklace. In Indian culture one necklace which is called as “Mangalsutra” is wore by women for safety of their husband. Bracelets is most bought jewellery item by men’s. Salman Khan like bracelet is most preferred by various men. It is considered as that it adds macho style to their personality. Earrings are also preferred by both. In India they start piercing ears and nose of girls at age of 7-8. 

Top Fashions Jewellery Trends – Choose Wedding Rings

They start wearing earring and nose ring. Nowadays sales of mens earrings have also picked up and company started focusing on men also. Rings are interchanged in engagement functions. In India Gold ornament is considered as most valuable and they often gift most gold ornaments to others. In European countries platinum is preferred. Among rich class of Indian people diamond is preferred. Among middle and lower class silver is preferred. Sapphire is one type of mineral corundum whose chemical formula is Al2O3. The best part of this jewel is never get rusting. It is seen that aluminium products never get rust because they form one thick layer which prevent its core from outside world. That’s why sapphire is most preferred Gemstone

Top Fashions Jewellery Trends – Choose Wedding Rings

It comes in various other than red. Red colour Corundum is called Ruby. It is most loved Gemstone. India is known for old traditions and people who still believe in astrology. Some astrologer recommends their followers to wear these gem stone for better well-being. It is proved in research also that these gems have strong relation with human well-being.

Conclusion:- India GDP is growing rapidly and it is going to become 2ndrichest country in 2050. So, obviously buying power of its citizen will increase. Jewellery is most purchased luxurious item of India. So, Jewellery market is definitely going to see boost in these coming years.