Busy Schedule: 4 Ways to Manage Your Life

These days, it seems like everyone is endlessly busy. However, there are ways to help ease the stress of perpetual multitasking that seems integral to a full life. Below, we’ll talk about four varied ways to reduce the stress, keep your ducks in a row, and retain your sanity, all while getting everything done as it comes along.

Busy Schedule: 4 Ways to Manage Your Life

Wall Calendar

While it’s an old-fashioned concept, sometimes having a visual, tactile calendar can be your best tool for organization. Especially for moms who have multiple children, this can help teach kids how to be responsible for timing while also being fun. Hang it where it’s visible, and can be checked easily. Bring on the dry-erase calendar and the multi-colored markers.  Color-coding your calendar is an easy and fun way to indicate which tasks call for certain priority.

Make Your Smart Phone Smart

Most phones come with a multitude of applications and features these days. These include a multi-function calendar, a reminder system, and even a notes function. Use them all. Set aside ten minutes of your day to review and update these features, and you’ll always know what’s coming next in your schedule. Gentle reminders will keep you focused, and allow you to handle multiple tasks and deadlines all at once. Utilizing your smartphone to its fullest potential is a useful tool in this day and age.  Consult the user’s manual if you need direction.

Busy Schedule: 4 Ways to Manage Your Life

Plot Your Course

If you’re like many people, chances are you’re going to have to travel to locations with which you may not be familiar. If your travel is time-sensitive, such as going into town for a board meeting, traffic or construction can throw a major snag in your plans. Take it one step beyond finding the directions online. Recent innovations in wearable technology, like those available from Garmin, can be procured for less with coupons from Disco Untrue.  They easily pair with your smartphone for quick updates.  They also function as a GPS that can travel with you and can suggest alternate routes in the event of difficulties. That way, you’ll never be late, and you’ll never waste time trying to account for unknowns.

Busy Schedule: 4 Ways to Manage Your Life

Pay Yourself First

Time is money, meaning that it’s a commodity. When you parse it out, remember to leave time for your own personal mental health. This avoids burning out, and is far from a frivolous indulgence. Whether you take pleasure in short hiking expeditions, reading, a hands-on craft, or simply relaxing in a hot bath, make sure you make it a priority. It sounds silly, but during our busy days, we often put ourselves last, which can lead to exhaustion or reduced mental acuity.  Relaxation and recuperation are essentials if you want to be able to get everything on your list was done.

A busy schedule doesn’t have to mean feeling perpetually rushed. With a few tools and general concepts, you can accomplish each task without frenzy or feel divided. Combine time-tested methods, modern technology, and a bit of mindfulness to keep your life running smoothly.