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Before using any beauty product, you must know your skin type. There should be a balancing effect on your skin from the cream or product you are using. Looking dolled up is great, especially when done right. This is why you would not want to go to a high-end event with breakouts on your skin as a result of using the wrong skin product. The main skin types recognized by Ayurveda physicians and dermatologists include:

This is the rosy, warm and soft. It has a medium thickness and is mainly characterized with blondes and red-haired people.  It should be balanced all the time to avoid rashes, breakouts, acne or rosacea. The Pitta skin type is very sensitive and breakouts can be seen as a result of emotional stress.

Ayurvedic Skin Types for Customized Beauty Care

The best beauty treatment for Pitta skin type is by use of calming products within a normal pH range. Excessive heat, sunlight and prolonged steam facials will affect the Pitta skin type. Use a cream with natural plant products to nourish and deeply moisturize your skin.

The Pitta skin tends to be oily and use of skin oil should be minimal. You should avoid using it daily. Therefore, once you have determined that you have a Pitta skin type. Avoid external and emotional pressure. Artificial ingredients in beauty products should also be avoided and you should drink enough pure water.

This is a delicate skin type, thin, with fine pores, dry and cool when touched. Imbalance results in dryness characterized with flakiness and roughness. It may also be subjected to skin fungus and or dry eczema when imbalanced.

Compared to other skin types, the Vata skin type tends to have more wrinkles with age because your VataDosha dries. Use of Natural Anti-Aging Serum is their ore crucial for this skin type. Mental stress affects the balance of Vata skin types. 

Care of Vata skin involves the use of skin oil daily especially before getting sleeping. You will also need a lot of moisturization if you have a Vata skin type; this means that your water intake should be high. Regular habits of eating healthy, sleeping early, getting oil massages and eating sweet / juicy fruits will help maintain a balance of your Vata skin type.
This skin type is characterized by a cool thick touch; it is smoother and oilier than Vata and Pitta skin types. A person with pale skin but thick hair that is oily, wavy and dark has the Kapha skin type.

Such skin types rarely wrinkle early in life. Imbalances result in pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, water retention and excessive oiliness.
Care for the Kapha skin is critical and cleansing is the most important thing to do. Loosening this ski type before exfoliation is very important to prevent damage when removing impurities.
Avoiding oil enriched moisturizers is important for the Kapha skin type so that no oil builds up in the pores. You should detoxify as you moisturize your Kapha skin to prevent the oiliness.
Oily and heavy meals should be avoided and having an exercise regime is important to detoxify your body and enhance proper digestion.
A Vata-Pitta skin will require seasonal solutions because the dry and moist climates will affect the skin differently. Use a Vata regimen in the cool and moist season and the Pitta regimen for cold and dry weather conditions.

In conclusion, understanding your skin type is the first rule of beauty. This will guide you through your lifestyle habits and selection of beauty products for your skin. 

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