Hair Removal: Tips You Need To Know To Make It Less Painful

When it comes to beauty and glamour, hair removal process is the less talked about topic. It is true that most of the women out there follow a regular hair removal regime the whole year round. With winter getting stronger with every passing day, hair removal becomes a painful process. So whatever method you choose - tweezers, wax, shave or laser, it becomes a scary experience. Yes you must have heard the saying that “No gain without pain”. But, it is true that you don’t need to have beautiful glowing hairless skin by going through a painful process.

Hair Removal: Tips You Need To Know To Make It Less Painful

So here in this post, we will learn some tips that will help you to make hair removal a simple and painless process.

When waxing
Ø  Scrub your skin: Exfoliating is a good option when it comes to waxing. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells and thus helps to have better waxing. You can find a number of scrubs in the market. They are even available for less by simply using the discount vouchers.

Ø  Get the right wax type: There are hard and soft wax available in the market. Using hard wax will be less painful compared to the soft wax.

Ø  Avoid waxing during period: During periods, your skin becomes extra sensitive and so you will become less tolerant to waxing. So it would be better if you avoid waxing during that period.

Ø  Drink enough water: Drinking more water will keep your skin hydrated. So this will make the waxing process less painful.

Ø  Let the hair grow: Let the hair grow to its fullest after every waxing session. This will help to trap the hair easily and remove it. If the hair is small it will take many attempts to remove the hair and may turn out to be painful to you.

Ø  Wax in afternoon: During the afternoon time, your pain threshold is highest and so you will be able to get done with it without much trouble.

Ø  Go for regular waxing: It is recommended to go for waxing every 4-6 weeks period. Different people have different rate at which hair grows. So depending on that follow a regular hair removal regime. Moreover, if you take a long gap, you will experience more pain.

When shaving
Ø  Exfoliate the skin: Make it a habit to use scrub before shaving. It will help to get rid of those dead cells and help the razor to reach close to the root of the hair.

Ø  Wait in hot shower: Waiting in the hot shower for sometime helps to open up the hair follicles. This will in turn help to easily shave off the hair.

Ø  Use shaving cream: It is recommended to use a shaving cream before shaving as it will soothe the shaving process and prevent ingrowns.

Ø  Replace razors: For a smooth and easy shaving, it is recommended to replace your razors regularly. If you are using disposable razors, change them after every few weeks.

Ø  Use moisturizer: If there is any redness or irritation on your skin, then it will calm down once you use a moisturizer after shaving. You can find a number of moisturizers at All Beauty. Now you can get them for less by using 50% discount code of All Beauty, while making a purchase.

When using laser
Ø  Shave before laser treatment: It is recommended to shave before you go for laser treatment. It will help the laser to detect the follicles properly. For a safe side, use new razor every time.

Ø  Get enough sleep and drink enough water: Make sure you have enough sleep before the day of your appointment and drink enough water throughout the day. The reason for this is very simple. Your body becomes sensitive to pain if it is deprived of sleep or is dehydrated.

Ø  Avoid sun: It is recommended to use a good sunscreen lotion and avoid going out in sun. If you happen to get exposed out in sun, you may get sunburns which may be more painful.  

So, next time when you get ready for the hair removal process, remember to go through the above mentioned tips to make it a painless process.      

Guest Post from Christopher Meloni, Dealslands UK