5 Ways to Maintain the Grace of Your Silk Saree Collection

There are many varieties of silk sarees available in different styles adorned with beautiful embellishments. You might be having a huge and wonderful compilation of silk sarees; however are you aware of its effective maintenance for a long term? If not, then these points are surely going to help you.


Storage of Silk Saree

Silk fabric is a bit different and is generally very costly. So these precious sarees cannot be stored just like you’re another outfit. For storing the silk sarees, they need to be wrapped up in a muslin cloth or a pure cotton cloth and should be kept separately in your closet. Avoid wrapping them in newspapers, as the black colour might get smudged with silk saree. It is generally preferred to store these kinds of outfits in a dark place, away from sunlight so as to avoid the fading and discoloration of the fabric and giving it a worn out look. Pure crepe silk sarees need to be kept in hanging position with the help of hangers in your wardrobe so as to avoid any crease formation or wrinkles in the outfit. If taken care, the silk will retain its rich and vibrant look for a long duration.

Storage of Silk Saree

Washing Tips for Silk Sarees

 It is often advised to dry clean your saree so as to maintain the texture of the outfit. Crepe silk sarees are generally best washed through dry cleaning method. However if you have to wash them at home, then hand washing with cold water is preferred over machine washing. The pallu, border and the rest part of the saree should be washed separately without employing the use of the brush as this will damage the fabric. Mild yet effective detergents should be made use of instead of chlorine bleach. Sometimes even mild shampoo instead of detergents can also be used. If one make use of these washing tips, then surely your fancy crepe sarees can be preserved for a long time.

 Drying Silk Sarees

For silk sarees, it is recommended to squeeze out the extra water with the help of hands and then wrap it in a soft towel to soak any left over water in the saree. After that, folding it in two parts, hang it in shades. This will help you to remove any kind of wrinkles in the fabric. It is advised not to dry the silk sarees in sunlight.

How to iron your silk sarees?

Ironing of silk fabric requires a lot of care and gentle handling. If the iron is too hot, crepe fabric can even loose their softness. If the silk that you are using is not pure, then the iron should be set at a low temperature to prevent burning of the saree. However, it is advisable to iron a small section of the saree to test the adequacy of the temperature and then apply it over the entire saree. Another way out is to place a thin cotton cloth over the silk fabric and then gently sweep the iron over the cloth. This will avoid the fabric from coming in direct contact with the temperature.

Maintaining its Shine

Sometimes if the silk fabric is mishandled, it can happen to lose its distinctive shine. In order to restore its sheen, a combination of white vinegar and mild warm water can be used. After treating saree with this mixture, wash it with water to remove the extra vinegar and then wrap the saree with a soft towel to remove the excess water and then let it dry. This is an effective way of maintaining the silk sarees shine.

Maintaining its Shine

You must be purchasing the latest organza sarees online, but now along with just making a collection, try out these tips to even maintain them for longer usage.

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