DIY Cute And Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids- Adorn Your Little Angel’s Hand

Mehndi is such a beautiful art that it not only intrigues women, but also younger girls who love to wear them whenever they are allowed. Be it a festive occasion or a close relative's wedding, little girls look prettier and cuter with dainty mehndi designs adorning their hands and feet.

Applying mehndi to the little ones may sound cute and adorable. But those who have to sit through the application know that it just ain't easy. They can get restless, may get tired of drying out their mehndi and fold their hands by accident, and may also spoil their clothes, or others by accident, just out of excitement. Hence, simple mehndi designs those not only looks cute, but are easy and fast to apply, and dry out quickly, are to be drawn.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we have selected these mehndi designs for your little ones that will not only make their heart flutter and make them smile, but will also make them look beautiful just like little angels.
  • Simple and dainty design is drawn in the corner of the palm, leaving the rest of the palm bare. It is called the 'mobile design' because when you hold the phone, this design can be prominently viewed, and admired. It is perfect for the little ones are restless beyond one's expectations, and whose mehndi needs to dry out real fast before it's smudged all over. You can change the design to a cute little butterfly, or a flower that will hold the little one's attention, and will go around flaunting her pretty mehndi design to everybody possible.

  • Pretty little hearts that look like a hand accessory will make your little girl smile like an angel. This design is easy to draw, is not very intricate, and will not take more than five minutes to complete. To change the pattern, you may substitute hearts with flowers or other patterns that your little girl will love.

  • This design has a very traditional appeal. If there is a wedding in the family, or it is for a diwali function, this design is just perfect for your little one. Because the finger tips are covered in mehndi paste, and the central design requires her to keep her hands open until the mehndi dries out, this design is practical for girls of age five and above. The dainty lace mehndi design below the solid mehndi paste on the finger tips enhances the otherwise dull appearance of the fully covered mehndi finger tips.

  • This floral design is one of the easiest, and the prettiest designs for the little angel. For a darker finish, draw bolder lines to draw this mehndi design. A floral vine that starts from the tip of the index finger and goes down till the wrist, this design looks very feminine and delicate.

  • Full hand mehndi designs don't look pretty and cute on little girls. Hence, simple and beautiful designs are perfect for your little angel. This mehndi design focuses on a floral vine that is drawn on the index finger, and flows vertically down the palm. Simple concentric spirals are drawn, and bold leaves are drawn to complete the look. Its application is very simple and not at all time consuming. Leaving the rest of the palm bare draws attention to the whole design.

  • This design looks like bouquet of flowers. Sticking to a bunch of them on the back of the hand, and only drawing spirals and leaves on the fingers, does not make the design look clustered, and every detail in the design can be viewed with ease. To make it look a little bolder, either the petals or the core of the flowers can be filled in with mehndi paste.

Isn’t these designs are prettier! I do understand, mother at the other end might be thinking of how to apply such designs. To help you out, there are many online video tutorials are available on the Internet. You can learn step by step guideline for application from scratch.

Artisitc  Mehndi Designs:  These are simple designs, drawn from one corner of the hand. Hence, Kids hands are very small, so these designs are easy to draw as they will cover the entire hand in less time.  


Heart Shape Mehndi Design:  Kids love the shape of heart and these designs are very easy to made and less time consuming.


Flower Shape Mehndi Design:  Kids can easily determine the shape of flowers. You can try to draw different flowers like sunflower, rose and lotus shape. 


Tip: Try to draw bigger version of designs. It will be less time consuming and easy for kids to distinguish different pattern of design drawn collectively.