Wish to take your styling game from 0 - 100? Well, elevate your everyday style essentials, and you are halfway there!


Your clothing defines your personality, and the outfits you choose will undoubtedly reflect your personality - whether you tone them down or jazz them up, they speak a lot about you! It doesn’t matter what you have, but you can easily stand out if you style it correctly. Your wardrobe staples can do a lot for you only if you use them creatively - think mix ‘n match, layering - the options are endless.

There’s a saying- The more professional you look, the more you will be taken seriously. And, trust me, your choice of clothing speaks a lot when it comes to professionalism. Talking about professional outfits, what can be better than a shirt? No matter what the color, a crisp shirt can never go wrong! Shirts are an absolute style staple that can be styled in numerous ways! Let’s go through a few of the styling tips that can help you elevate your overall outfit.


Follow some easy tips that can help you style your shirts in different ways!


1.     Style it relaxed – The newest rebellious way of carrying the shirt is to keep it loose & relaxed. Whether short or long, keeping the shirt relaxed always makes the person look most casual and laid back. You either pair it with boots or sneakers or go trendy with loafers. The shirts that you can mainly adopt to keep loose should have a flat bottom to help you accentuate the silhouette. Loose shirts will help you look relaxed, approachable, and laid back no matter where you go.

2.     Choose a one-side Tuck - All you need to do is unbutton a few buttons from the waist and tuck the button-sided end in your bottoms. This style can instantly add a trendy edge and fun to your overall look and elevate your plain bottoms or jeans.  Follow this tip when you go out with friends for a casual meal or gathering.

3.     Choose a French Tuck – You got to style this one for sure! French tuck is very similar to the one side tuck but different in leaving only the front tucked in. It is an effortless way to look super cool and appear and accentuate your overall look. Take care not to tuck it tight as you need to keep it relaxed, giving your look an utterly easy aura. Pairing this style with statement boots is always a good idea for an adventurous trip or so.

4.     Opt for the Military Tuck- You’ve probably heard of this one, but are not sure how to style it! if you frequently wear dress shirts that are a size or two big, and in these cases, the military tuck can be useful. Simply fold the extra fabric at the sides of the shirt and wrap it around the back to complete the look. Before you button your pants, pinch the shirt from the waist and collect all the extra room it is taking, wrap the extra fabric towards the back with the help of your thumb, and ta-da, you are with the perfect straight look with a pleat at the side. It works very well with the coat as it hides your crease as well.


5.     Go for the Full Tuck- The all-time favorite way of tucking the shirts allows you to completely tuck in the fabric spread equally inside your bottoms. This style is perfect to be presentable at any meeting or occasion. The easiest way to do this is, tuck all the fabric of your shirt in and then smoothly push the fabric away from the waist leaving just the right amount remaining tucked inside.


6.     Choose the Underwear Tuck - But what you need to do is tuck an undershirt into your underwear and then systematically tuck your shirt in your pants. It works better for the younger ones, who face trouble adjusting their shirt but need to keep it in tack for a longer duration. This style of tucking is one of its kind and helps people solve the problem of extra fabric hanging from the waist. 


No matter how you style your shirt today, add a tip to set your cuffs as well. Either wear it full, roll it up, showing the inside detail or pull it up and then down to reduce the length; everything works when you wear it with confidence. Also, you can add some fine accessories that are simple yet classy to get noticed with your edgy looks, for example, a wristband, rings, or a simple chain to look more stylish with your outfit. While choosing a shirt, make sure you’ve chosen the perfect pair of bottoms to complement it as well. Balance is key! Something that instantly enhances the look and feel of your overall outfit is a neatly ironed crisp shirt. Personally, I love using a steam iron but you could use a flat iron too! Whatever you have at hand, make the most of it. I also highly recommend researching the materials your shirt is made up of. Fabric makes all the difference and determines how the shirt is going to stay and fall on your body. I love 100% cotton, linen blends, and poly-viscose blends. For the warmer months, I recommend cotton and linen all the way, whereas for occasions and partywear, choose a viscose blend shirt.


Author Bio –

Simon Joseph is working with SELECTED HOMME - Best Shopping Site for Men. His designation is Sr Men's Fashion Stylist here. Apart from the profession, he loves blogging and sharing fashion trends with all. Stay connected for more fashion trend posts in the future.


Folks, how many of you have played one of the most popular games of early computers, i.e., Solitaire?

Well, if you belong to the 90s era, you would have definitely spent your significant time playing this game. Moreover, a cards game requires smart mental strength. Hence, it is also highly appreciated to grow your mental strength.

Why I Still Play Solitaire & Why It Is Still Popular?

Why Do I Still Play Solitaire Game?

The Love of Childhood: The kids of the 90s can only understand the love of playing games that were launched in the early evolution of Microsoft Windows. Solitaire is one of those love-to-play games alongside pinball, minesweeper, and a few others.

Available for FREE: Since it was introduced in Windows, it is available for free. This makes it a good option for people who love playing cards.

A Good Mental Exercise: The more you put your mind in complex situations, the sharper it will become. Playing Solitaire is one such mental practice that recharges your mind and makes it sharper.

Simple Yet Interesting Game: You always get bored playing a simple game. However, Solitaire is one of those games that you would never get bored of. Instead, you can continue playing it for hours without a break.

These are a few strong reasons why I still have a Solitaire game on my everyday task list.

Where Do I Play Solitaire Game?

This is an interesting question you have in your mind. Well, there are numerous websites available online that provide an online gaming platform to play Solitaire. However, I only rely on a few, and https://www.solitaire.org/ is one of the names. The website has offered the game on their homepage; that is fantastic.

Where Do I Play Solitaire Game

Many times, I don’t even surf the website. Instead, play the game at the homepage and return.

Now many of you would wonder why I rely on this website. Multiple reasons contribute to its selection over the alternatives.

No Surfing Required: When you want to play, you don’t need to surf the website as they have offered the same on the homepage.

Promising Interface & Sound Effects: The sound effect and entire design of this game are identical to the traditional Microsoft Solitaire game.

Given Game Rules: Yes, before playing, some of you might look for the rules. For newbies, the game is provided with rules and how the entire point system works.

Detailed Video: The website has also provided a detailed video of ~5 minutes to explain how to play this fantastic game.

Numerous Games Available: On this website, Solitaire isn’t the only game available. Instead, you can play numerous other games like mahjong games, hidden object games, gin rummy, crazy eights, hearts, and numerous other 90s games.

In short, you have tons of options to play and recall the old gaming era.

So, if you are also fond of the Solitaire game or have some other love, you would definitely find something exciting on this website. Give it a try and enjoy recharging your mind.


Virtual shopping malls, sellers and stylists – that’s how retail market will look like in the future. How AR-technologies will change the realization of shopping and simplify our life, we are presenting on the example of the international project Good Style.


The Great online

The five IT-companies that have changed the world include Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Alibaba. As we can see, two of them are online retailers. Internet shopping is getting more and more convenient. It saves time and money. The Russian Volkswagen office shared a remarkable fact: more than 56% of car buyers no longer come for a test drive. Just the information about a car is enough to make a decision. It means that even such expensive purchases can be realized through the Internet.


The main task of traditional retail is to increase the time which customers spend in a shopping center. The longer you stay there, the more money you spend. This is why restaurants and cinemas are anchor tenants. This rule also works on the Internet. The Session length on a product page is one of the critical metrics. Retailers use bright pictures, useful videos, and now augmented reality is used too.


A fitting room in your smartphone

The idea of a virtual fitting room appeared back in 2012. The Japanese company Uniqlo began to use fitting rooms, where LCD screens with augmented reality were installed instead of usual mirrors. There was no need to put on clothes, it was enough to choose the things you liked in the catalog and see your reflection in them.


Everything became much easier when shops began to use phones instead of LCD screens. The Converse sneakers were among the first. You point the phone at your foot, choose the shoe model you like, and you're done. Technologically, it is even easier if you don’t need to put on the clothes during the fitting.


There are more and more brands which experiment with AR. According to the latest report by Markets and Markets, AR in retail is creating a market of more than $ 1 billion, and by 2023 this value will reach almost $ 8 billion with an average annual growth of 47.1 %.


How does virtual fitting work?

Let’s take Good Style's multi-brand virtual fitting room as an example. The developer uses neural networks for quick processing and adding clothes to the catalog, which distinguishes the project from related ones.

The mobile application allows you to try on clothes virtually, give the possibility to combine garments and create complete looks. The user can create and manage his own wardrobe. It gives the new experience of virtual fitting and increases your online shopping satisfaction. Thanks to the project, everyone can feel like a stylist. The application is ideal for those who don’t have time for offline shopping. You can download it on Google Play and the App Store.


However, the owners of numerous shopping centers need to keep an eye out so as not to be left out of business in the future.


Aloe is a valuable nutrient found in aloe vera plants growing in nature. Aloe juice extracted from the plants supports digestive health while promoting proper hydration. Aloe vera plants typically contain minerals, polysaccharides, and some proteins. Each of these ingredients is a phytonutrient, which means they are natural health-promoting compounds.

Herbalife Nutrition Aloe Recipes and Reviews

After receiving aloe vera plants in their natural form, scientists put the plant through a thorough purification process. This involves removing aloins from the aloe juice that could be toxic for humans to consume. Purified aloe comes in several forms, including concentrate, juice, and powder extract. Healthcare consumers can add aloe to their preferred drink and reap the important digestive and hydration benefits.


Herbalife Shakes: One of Several Products Made From Aloe Vera Juice

Herbalife Nutrition, a global leader in supplemental nutrition products for over 40 years, offers several products that contain aloe vera juice. Mango Tango Herbalife shakes are just one of them. Here are the ingredients for Mango Tango shake recipes to make at home:

        1 cup of low-fat milk

        2 scoops of vanilla-flavored Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1

        3 capfuls of Herbalife Nutrition Herbal Aloe Concentrate, Mango flavor

        ½ cup of chopped fresh mangos

Mix these ingredients well in a blender, pour eight to 12 ounces in a cup, and enjoy. One serving of Mango Tango Herbalife Shakes is 240 calories and offers 19 grams of protein. Based on the average product review of this shake, it is a favorite among Herbalife customers.

Herbalife Tea Concentrate Peach Made With Aloe Juice

People looking for a healthier alternative to coffee or soda to get them going in the morning might want to try this tea concentrate peach containing 85 milligrams of caffeine and beneficial aloe juice. Herbalife customers have stated in their product reviews that the HTC Peach helps them to feel revitalized and improves their metabolism. The ingredients needed to prepare this refreshing drink include:

        1 cup of water

        ½ teaspoon of herbal tea concentrate peach

        ½ ounce of herbal concentrate mango

        3 to 5 ice cubes

After combining these ingredients, stir them vigorously and pour the Herbalife tea concentrate mix into a cup. The drink contains just one gram of sugar and five calories.

Liftoff Aloe Drink for Mental Alertness

The biggest benefit customers talk about in Herbalife Reviews for Liftoff Aloe is that this drink helps them to feel more mentally alert and focused. Here is the simple recipe to make it at home:

        3 caps full of herbal aloe concentrate mandarin

        1 Liftoff orange tablet

        A 12-ounce glass of water

The Liftoff Herbalife product comes in a variety of flavors, each of which is just 20 calories and contains no sugar.


A Brief History of the Aloe Vera Plant

The term aloe vera refers to a genus that describes more than 550 types of succulent plants. The aloe vera plant belongs to the Asphodelus Juss family. People have grown this plant for centuries for its health benefits and beauty. When used for medicinal purposes, supplement manufacturers crush the leaves to release the gel inside each plant and then separate it according to the intended use.

Calgary is thought of as the wild west of Canada, so many people may immediately assume steaks are the dish of choice.  Fortunately for those who live in the city, there's more to it than that!  Calgary has a broadly varied menu, with something to tickle any taste bud while not torturing your wallet.


Pizzeria Gaga

Stars:  5 out of 5.

Price: affordable for most people.

Pizzeria Gaga

If an Italian restaurant only serves pizza, it's not a good Italian restaurant.  The Pizzeria Gaga combines fresh and delicious doughs, greens, vegetables, and meats into some of the most incredible food you'll ever try.  Fresh pizzas that the locals rate five stars, delicious sandwiches, and other classic Italian meals help boost public opinion of this pizzeria.  At lunchtime, the line gets so long that it starts wrapping around the block!  Get in and enjoy it the moment you can.


Ten Foot Henry

Stars: 3.5 out of 5.

Price: extremely affordable.

Ten Foot Henry

Although this restaurant isn't vegan or vegetarian, its dishes are heavily vegetable anchored to make the most negligible environmental impact while still serving incredible meals.  Well known for their tomato toast, they've amassed a cult following of foodies in the area who keep coming back for more.  If all of this healthy goodness leaves you thirsty, they also offer unique and fun cocktails and mixed drinks that quench any thirst.  Ten Foot Henry has been raised three and a half stars out of five, but it continues to perform and be famous!


Alumni Sandwiches

Stars: 4.8 out of 5.

Price: slightly more expensive.

Whether you're in the mood for a sub or a spicy fried chicken sandwich, Alumni has you covered.  This restaurant is usually packed, but you can save yourself the trouble and order your food for pick-up instead.  The waitstaff is friendly and informative, leaving guests excited to rate this restaurant 4.8 out of five stars.


Alumni Sandwiches

Another restaurant with a great bar, the Alumni Sandwiches' liquor bar, offers multiple kinds of drinks and takes requests if you're unsure what you want.  Although the food is less expensive, the flavor still holds up!


River Cafe

Stars: 5 out of 5.

Price: expensive for most people, nice to splurge on.

If you love a chic restoration or are craving beautiful seafood dishes laid out like pieces of art, this is the place for you.  Built out of an old concession building, River Cafe's dishes are high brow despite the location, leaving many guests surprised at the expense of the dishes.

The price is more understandable once you taste the food, but it’s good to look at the menu ahead of time if you’re on a budget and want to be safe.  Although it’s not as expensive as looking at Calgary homes for sale, the price does add up!  Luckily for the River Cafe, its fans don't seem to mind since they've rated it a steady five stars!


Of course, food opinions come down to personal taste.  If you're not sure if a restaurant is a good match for you, give it a try and decide then.  It's better to try the food and hate it than waste time wondering what it might have tasted like.

How commonly do you see your clothes in the morning and struggle to determine what to wear? While choosing what to wear may appear to be a simple task, it significantly impacts how you interact with others throughout the day. So what options do you have if you're self-conscious about your appearance?

Top Tips for Dressing Confidently for Girls

Learning how to dress confidently may appear harsh, but there are a few simple recommendations to follow. Continue reading for eight helpful suggestions on how to look confident in your clothes.

You should be proud of the skin you're in.

Perhaps the essential trick to dressing well is to be happy in your skin. People who believe they look lovely are the ones who look the best. So it's crucial to embrace the skin you're in, even if it's simpler after all is said and done.

Understand that the celebrities you have seen in the media don't look anything like they do in everyday life. Photoshop removes any apparent flaws, resulting in an impossible beauty objective. The truth is that those images lie about what beauty is.

In reality, beauty exists in a range of forms, colors, and dimensions. So instead of concentrating on the aspects of your appearance that you want to improve, concentrate on the positive aspects - perhaps you adore your smile or hair. Pay more attention to whatever you enjoy, and you'll quickly notice that seeing ever more attractiveness in your body becomes more effortless.

Without a smile, you're never completely dressed

With regard to smiles, remember that every costume's best accessory is a smile. It allows you more accessible and more confident, and it also makes others feel great about you. People are attracted to people who love them, and a smile is the fastest way.

You want to make sure your lovely smile doesn't interfere. For example, make sure it's not on your teeth if you have lipstick. Similarly, make sure that you never have any lingering rests around after any meal.

Wearing a bright smile may make you feel more confident, making you appear more relaxed. When it comes to confidence, Even if you don't know what to wear, a bright smile will spark everyone's interest in what you have that others don't.

Comfortable clothing is recommended.

Wearing a dress that makes you feel good is the most important aspect of dressing confidently. It does not only refer to clothes that you feel comfortable in, although this is important. This also includes clothing that does not irritate your skin. If it's challenging to wear, it won't be a lovely appearance. The prettiness of the dress won't matter if you're constantly uncomfortable in clothes

Nothing beats the appearance of customized clothing. Custom clothing reflects your personality and sets you apart from the crowd. Whether your style is trendy, smart, awesome, casual, or businesslike, first impressions are important. That is why having well-fitting cut and sew clothes and expressing yourself is so important.

Dress Correctly for the Occasion

Although it is essential to wear comfy, you should also think about the occasion. It should come as no surprise that different circumstances require different attire. What you may not realize is how much confidence you can lose by dressing incorrectly.

Do some research if the occasion you're dressing for is unfamiliar? Then, make an effort to determine what you should wear for this occasion. If you're still undecided, dress one level up from what you believe the occasion demands.

Instead of casually dressing, it is always better to get overdressing. But don't go insane with that as well.

Select Your Colors

Finding out what colors look best on you is a fantastic way to ensure that every piece of clothing makes a good impression. The more at ease you become with those colors, the more confident you will be that they highlight your best features. This will also help the development of your personal style.

A few factors can influence the colors that look good on you. The most obvious is skin tone and hair color. However, it would help if you also thought about your personal color preferences; you may look great in pink but despise it.

It can be challenging to determine which colors look good on you. While trial and error is undoubtedly an option, you may want to consider


Grooming Is Important

When it comes to looking well-groomed, your clothing selections are crucial. It matters significantly if your clothing is very well but your hair or is frizzy and untidy. You can tell how self-assured you are with the way you carry yourself. Even though many people disregard grooming, it is an essential part of power dressing. Having healthy skin and well-maintained nails is a great way to show your abilities, attention to detail, and concentration.


The look isn't complete without a matching accessory. Accessories can be handy in addition to being attractive. Sunglasses, for instance, can cover sleepy eyes from the early evening while also protecting you from the sunlight and inspiring confidence. I feel even more stylish and have a whole spring in my step when the sun is shining, and I put on my sunglasses.

Find the right fit for you.

Pay close attention to how your clothing feels when deciding if it looks excellent. It will be evident if you are uncomfortable. It's not the appropriate fit if there's any strangeness in the sizing, such as tightness or loss of elasticity. You won't seem energetic and fresh if the colors don't fit your skin.

Clothing has a significant impact on a person's self-esteem. If your wardrobe selections make you feel uneasy or trapped in a rut, it's time to choose the best look. While there is no specific process for the perfect dress, it will allow you to feel your best. And, because the ideal ensemble will be unique for everybody, you'll need to try on new garments or mix and match accessories

Finally, the outfit should reflect your personality. Experimenting with your style is always a good decision. However, wearing an outfit that makes you feel like someone else will never look good.

There are times when it's difficult to stay on track with what you're doing or keep an eye on your future objectives. Everybody feels the same way at some time in their life; this is completely natural. Humans are not flawless; they make mistakes and experience setbacks from time to time. After suffering through a time of apathy, boredom, and energy loss, it's essential to know how to pull yourself up and get back on track. You just have to know what's going to help you and make you feel better and what's not. Read on to find out more and learn how to put the spring back in your step.


How to Put the Spring Back in Your Step

Try Something New

In order to gain a fresh lease on life and put the spring back in your step again, attempt to go outside of your comfort zone. There are numerous ways to do this, but you should pick something that excites and benefits you. You might choose to visit www.lighthousetattoo.com.au and get a tattoo that will remind you that you are succeeding in life or that makes you think of someone who wouldn’t want you to give up. Perhaps you start learning a new language. Maybe you apply for a job somewhere else, even though you’ve worked in the same place for decades. There are so many options. 


If whatever you do is beyond your comfort zone, it's going to challenge you and, perhaps, lead to the discovery of new subjects, hobbies, and experiences. You should always be on the lookout for sources of inspiration, so go out there and try something new.


Find Out Why You Lost Your Spring

There are times when you lose your ambition and your ‘spring’ for no apparent reason, but other times when there is a reason and these are the times you need to consider. It’s highly likely that, even during those times when there is no obvious reason, it’s this same problem simply manifesting in a different way.


When you understand this to be the case, you will be in a much better position. You’ll be able to come up with a plan of attack, a way to combat these negative feelings, and move forward. Try using that plan every time you feel down, even if you’re not sure of the reason, and a lot of the time, you’ll feel better. If you’re not sure what the problem could be, consider current events that have taken place or are likely to take place in the near future. This could be something you’re worried about. If you're concerned about your health, don't be afraid to ask for help.


Get Out and About

When you've been sedentary and sat in one place for hours on end, it's hard not to feel lethargic. It's easy to become weary and bored when you don't stimulate blood flow to the brain. You feel happier, more optimistic, and more energetic when you exercise because endorphins are released into your system. Jog at the park, take your dog for long walks or play swing ball in your backyard, to name a few examples.


By the time you get back home, you’ll feel a lot better than when you left, and you may even have come up with some ideas about how to move forward with your current issue. Even if you don’t have a solution, you will at least feel brighter and more able to cope.