Freelance Flower Bouquets


Whenever you think of any occasion, think of flowers. But it cannot be simply plucked and placed on tables. It has to be packaged in aesthetic flower bouquets or hampers. Any celebration is incomplete without the spectacle of fresh flowers filling the space around the hosts and the guests. It sets the right ambience for that occasion and brings a smile to the face of the recipient without fail. Let’s a check a few varieties of flowers commonly used for Flower Bouquets on different occasions. All these flowers are commonly grown in India.

Freelance Flower Bouquets

One species of flower that brings a wide smile to any person who receives it is the Yellow Sunshine Marigold. Just like its petals, beaming wide at the sun , the mood of the recipient lights up on getting its bouquet . It can be used in combination with other flowers or as a stand-alone bunch of yellow smileys. Jasmine flower is a hot favorite in South India. With a pure white color and a discernible perfume of its own, these tiny flowers help in releasing the mundane day-to-day tension. Gift a bouquet of these flowers to a couple to fill the room with romantic aroma and catalyse closeness .

Orchids add substance and support to the bouquet and are used in combination with other flowers. Orchids have the advantage of retaining freshness for two-three weeks, drawing nourishment from their stalks.  They act as fillers as well as increase the visual appeal of the bouquet. Next, we have the darling of flowers for the darling-the Rose. You cannot visualise any ceremony without roses of a particular hue. Mankind has farmed different roses of different tints and sizes .These are gifted on suitable occasions or romantic moments.

Freelance Flower Bouquets

A fresh lush-red rosebud with a single short stem is a universal symbol of love and manages to melt the heart of anybody whom it is directed at, without fail, every time. Today , owing to the need for selling consumer merchandise,  many occasions have been carefully created . There are a plethora of occasions for every event. It can a Birthday , or an Anniversary, somebody’s Thanks Giving or colourfull Diwali .

And every occasion demands flower gifts. Nowadays, there are plenty of online flower bouquet preparation firms , ready to provide you with customized flower gift hampers at short notice. However, until now these firms are mostly available in large cities. The scale of economics does not allow them to open shop in smaller towns. If you leave in such a city, you will find a wide array of flowers or an eclectic combination of flowers with exotic chocolates and other gift items wrapped to provide you with the exact hamper you wanted.

On a visit to the flower and bouquets website like, be attracted to different bouquet of roses having multiple hues like pink, yellow, white and red. A bouquet of yellow roses will transmit the warmth and happiness you feel in presence of the recipient. A bouquet of a dozen pink roses , packed in a colourful cellophane paper package will express the tender affection you have for your partner while a Cherry Red-rose bouquet would cement it.

Freelance Flower Bouquets

For the anniversary, gift your loved one a huge heart-shaped bouquet that you had missed out in the earlier years. After all, anniversary comes once a year. To express how you view your partner as a pure, simple soul, miles away from the intricacies of life, why not gift her a bunch of heavenly white roses? Flower bouquets are also available with orchids. The orchids have the advantage of remaining fresh even after one or two weeks with their cut-stalk. They also provide support to a mixed-flower bouquet with their long stems. They can create a bouquet on their own too.

The bouquets or hampers can be customized by adding chocolates or fruits as per the customer wishes. Normal Cadbury or the dark variety are hidden in the bouquets to raise the wow factor once discovered. In addition, lovey-dovey items like stuffed bears, mushy greetings card or aesthetic transparent glass-vases can be included in the bouquet package to increase the sentimental value .You have to only surf and order online from your nearest flower-shop to gift that hamper which she had secretly yearned for, since she met you.

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