Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man


Girls receive gifts and presents all the time. From their birthdays to anniversary to Valentines Day, they are always at the receiving end of someone’s love. From girlfriends to wives to moms to sisters, all females tend to receive gifts for all occasions. And generally it is always the males showering their abundance on females. so its time then women give back some love to men who give them gifts for all occasions. If you decide to send gifts to the men around then we have a collection of unconventional ideas for men. The modern man of today doesn't want to be happy with the headphones or the mobile phone or the perfume set, its time to go unconventional.

  1. 1    A Hook-on Balcony work desk- If you’re looking for a gift for the workoholic man, then check out this cool hook on balcony work desk. Now anyone can move their work station outdoors and get the fresh air in without missing out on their work. Now you don't need to worry about the men in your life always being indoors working and not getting any freshness with this balcony work desk.

Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man

  1. 2.     A Hoodie Backpack- Is the guy you’re looking to impress a backpacker or an ardent traveller? Then check out this cool hoodie backpack. He can not only have a snug backpack but protect his head from rain or sun while travelling those long hours. Forget those boring hats or caps and make way for the cool hoodie backpack.

Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man

  1. 3.     A buit-in speaker shower- Is the man you’re looking to send a gift to a musician or someone who adores music. For the bathroom singer, this exclusive speaker shower. All you have to do is clip this waterproof music player to your shower and enjoy endless music while taking a shower. Any man who adores music and listens to it all the time is sure to go for it.

Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man

  1. 4.     Phone cover cum swiss army knife- All men love the swiss army knife. It gives them the power to handle many tools on the go. Since all men think they can fix anything anytime thus a swiss army knife is always a hit with all. So how about clubbing a mobile phone cover with a swiss army knife. Presenting this mobile cover that has all the tools of a swiss army knife built in. Any man would adore it.

Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man

  1. 5.     Water proof note pad- Most smart ideas come to men while in the shower. But the moment you come out after bathing the idea is gone,popped for life. But with the waterproof notepad, now you don't need to worry about missing out on any smart thoughts. All you need is this cool waterproof note pad and pen down whatever smarties you think of the moment you do.

Five Unconventional Gifts for the Modern Man

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