It absolutely feels like a dream come true to find a woman to spend the rest of your life with. And asking her to be your wife can definitely give you a different level of nervousness and excitement all at the same time. From planning about the perfect time to pop the question, asking for the parents’ (of both sides) blessing or consent, choosing the location and most especially, to buying the engagement ring that’s perfectly fitted for a princess.
Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Engagement/Wedding Ring

If you’re completely guilty about everything that’s been stated, stop worrying now because you’ve already found your guide. The only thing you need to do is to give this article some time and keep all the details in mind.

Fix and settle your budget

First thing you must consider before stepping into a jewellery shop is to fix or settle your budget for the ring. Having your price range will make it easier for the jeweller to present to you the finest ring for your budget. Don’t create a drama when you finally find out about the ring prices, because like purchasing other expensive things like a car, or a house and lot, ring prices are also negotiable. Don’t ever think to put yourself into debt only to give your girl the best ring. Isn’t it better to propose to her debt-free than starting your married life with obligations to mind?
Fix and settle your budget

Give ample time for “ring search”

Looking for the perfect ring may take a long list of jewellery stores and ages. As soon as you’re sure of proposing to her or getting the parents’ consent and blessing, start searching for the ring. A couple or 3 months is the least time allowance for you to consider – whether you’re proposing or preparing for the wedding.  
Give ample time for “ring search”

This is for you to have enough time to browse, go from one jewellery shop to another, scan the prices, and finalise your ring choice. Allocating more time for ring search or ring shop is more important if you’re considering customised ring and/or ring designs.

Know her style and interests

Women have different tastes and interests almost about everything. Be it in fashion, music, food, and even in jewellery. As her boyfriend who’s planning on taking her in front of the aisle, it’s your duty to know her style and interests. Once you give a certain effort to know her style and interests, you’ll see that it’ll be easier for you to choose the perfect engagement/wedding ring. You must know whether she’s into a diamond engagement ring, Forever mark diamonds, pink diamonds, platinum, gold, and so on.
Know her style and interests

Come to think of it, if you come up with the ring that she’s in love with, that’s a plus factor on you. She’ll absolutely fall deeper in love with you and will definitely say, “Yes!” to the wedding.

Take note of her ring size

As you go through seas and mountains to know her style and interests, don’t forget to take note of her ring size. It’s definitely devastating to see that the ring doesn’t fit her finger – this is the part which you shouldn’t screw up like other men out there.
Take note of her ring size

Though failing to get the right ring size isn’t a complete loss, but it will cost you more money and time. So, it’s still better to sneak out and figure out her ring size before you’ll end up into a tragic wedding proposal scenario.

Consider the quality and shape

An engagement/wedding ring is a symbol of your sincere and unparalleled love to the woman of your life. Therefore, it’s necessary that you check on the quality and shape of the ring before you finally purchase it. When checking on the quality, make sure to consider the cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight of the ring. Furthermore, if you’re considering the shape, you can choose on shapes such as round, princess, pear, oval, heart, and other variety of shapes that the jewellery shop might be offering.

Consider the quality and shape

These are only a few from tons of advice you have to know and keep in mind when choosing the finest piece of engagement/wedding ring for the love of your life. It may look a lot more difficult than deciding on proposing to her, but everything will be worth it once you made her say, “Yes!” to spend the rest of your lives together forever.
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Choosing a bridal lehenga is not a very easy task as it seems. It might be quite a daunting task and might as well involve extensive research requiring a lot of time to ultimately come up with the most appropriate bridal lehenga which is a perfect match to your body shape. The selection of the bridal lehenga is very exciting for a bride but it is to be kept in mind that the lehenga should be necessarily chosen which best complements the shape of the body.

To ease out the work of a selection of the bridal lehenga for your body shape, we have created the list for you. Please go through to have an idea as to how to choose a bridal lehenga so that it is a match with your body shape.

Rectangle Shaped Body
If you have a rectangle shaped body, where your hips and bust are almost of the same width, it would be ideal to select a bridal lehenga for the purpose of adding some curve. Since the fat in your body is evenly distributed and you simply have no or very little waist definition choosing a lehenga to make you appear curvy would be best. It would be ideal to select a full skirt, wide in a fabric that is stiff like Raw Silk for the purpose of addition of volume at the bottom. You can simply pair the same with a blouse which plunging as well as low for the creation of the illusion of curves.

Rectangle Shaped Body

Apple Shaped Body
An apple-shaped body means you carry weight in and around your chest as well as the mid section. The area around the rib cage and back appear to be wide but you have very little or no waist definition. In this regard, the empire length styles lehenga having deep necklines will play a vital role in enhancing your bridal look. It is suitable to go for fabrics like georgette or chiffon will be helpful in bringing out the feminine side of the bride. You can pair your lehenga with cholis that are longer in length with a U or V cut from the hem. This is just perfect for adding balance to the overall attire. Here you need to make sure to avoid fabrics such as tissues or brocade which gives a flat look to your body.

Apple Shaped Body

Pear Shaped Body
If your hips, thighs, and butt are the center stage of the body with a defined waist which is less prominent than the lower portion of the body along with narrow width shoulder as well as the bust, you have a pear-shaped body. Here you need to properly balance your curves by wearing a blouse that has detailing and volume. You can select a low waist lehenga since you have the advantage of your defined waist. Make sure not to add too much volume to the lehenga as it will make to appear frumpy. Wearing of fishtail gowns or tube tops is to be avoided because this highlights only the bottom.

Pear Shaped Body

Hourglass Shaped Body
Your body is called hourglass shaped when your waist is defined and your curves are proportionate. Also, the width of your full hip line and the full waistline is almost the same. The hourglass shape of the body is considered to be the most ideal shape because of the fact that the proportions are even. It becomes easier to select a bridal lehenga since many styles can be worn. Fish cut style short choli, net dupatta any heavy embroidery on the lehenga either in parts of full. The ones with hourglass body shape can wear almost every lehenga as per their choice.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body
When your shoulders are wider than your hip line where your upper part of the body is more noticeable as compared to the lower portion, you have an inverted triangle shaped body. This is basically an athletic or sporty physique. Here you need to choose a lehenga that has a wide flair with lots of detaining present at the bottom. This will be vital in helping to balance your body’s shape. Avoiding cholis with lots of establishment would be better since they would give you a bulky busted look.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

So, now, it becomes very easy to know the body shape you have and therefore the choice of bridal lehenga or your body shape would not be a very difficult task anymore.

Author Bio: Anil Panghal is the Content Manager at Dbsouq. He writes on the cosmetic & beauty, health, men or women fashions topics.

If we continue the use of plastic at the present rate, then the Earth will not be safe for life almost after 10 years! This is why it is high time now to minimize the use of plastic, especially plastic bags to protect our environment. A plastic bag takes a very long period of time to get decomposed. Plastic is kind of poison to our mother Earth. Therefore, we must use alternatives to plastic bags in order to keep our environment safe. Following are the alternatives for plastic bags:

Jute Bags:
The next time you go out for shopping or purchasing vegetables, make sure that you carry a jute bag along with you. This step will save a plastic bag and will also encourage and make aware people do the same. Unlike plastic bags, jute bags are completely biodegradable and are made from natural products. There is a good variety of design and color options for jute bags which ensure that it looks better in one's hand than plastic bags. Moreover, jute bags also are more durable than plastic bags.
Boho Bags:
This kind of bags is wildly known for their detailed design and the work. Boho bags are very attractive and are loved by people. These bags are multi-purpose and also a good alternative for plastic bags. One can carry it anywhere and hence people search for shops and websites having the best collection of unique boho bags. They are also well known for creating a vintage look along with modern style! A boho bag can be used for a very long period of time and for any purpose.
Paper Bags:
The paper bag has been introduced by a lot of shopkeepers after making them aware of problems associated with plastics. It becomes our duty too that we purchase or make paper bags on our own so that we completely throw out the use of plastic bags. Paper bags are relatively less durable and that is why they are cheap in cost. So, must go and buy a pack of beautiful and ecological paper bags.
Cloth Bags:
Cloth bags, specifically cotton made bags can be used instead of plastic bags which are durable and can be reused a number of times. They are very easily biodegraded and therefore it is environment-friendly. They are available at a low cost urging the people to use it more and more. There are also organic cloth bags available which are more eco-friendly and last for a longer period of time.
Polypropylene Bags:
Basically, they are also a kind of plastic. But it should only be bought by a person if he is sure that he can use it for a very long period of time. This kind of bags can be used for years and are a bit easier to recycle. Thus, it is worth to use this plastic is used for a longer period of time (for years) and preventing it to reach the landfills.

25 Types Of Skirts With Names

A lot of good things can be said when it comes to Japanese makeup styles. The creativity of the Japanese shows in how they apply cosmetics to create their own brand of beauty – subtle and fresh-faced. But, those wanting to achieve a more youthful look often go for the “kawaii” effect. 

Make-up Style to Bring Out the “Kawaii” Girl in You

With the availability of revolutionary Japanese skin care products and the best Cosmetics Online, achieving that kawaii look is no less of a feat. Kawaii is a Japanese term for describing someone pretty or charming.

So, how do you bring out the kawaii girl in you? Here are some tips: 

Use Lighter Shades for Eyeshadows

Some Japanese women prefer maintaining a natural-looking makeup that they can wear throughout the day. This is often a reason some of them forego wearing overly dark eyeshadows, and would rather to stick to lighter, barely-there palette for their eyes. If you want to keep that natural-looking glow for your kawaii look, you can find cosmetic sellers online offering a variety of hues to highlight your eyes.

Highlight Those Kissable Lips with the Right Lip Color

When it comes to Japanese style makeup, most women prefer shades of pink or nude for their lips. These shades are often associated with a more feminine vibe, which adds to the charms of women. More than this, shades of neutral shades also Make The Lips Appear Healthy And Hydrated. These shades are perfect to wear any time of the day, so you can always bring out the kawaii girl in you.

Highlight Those Kissable Lips with the Right Lip Color

Dab a Bit of Blush for That Fresh Look

The right blush can do wonders in keeping a glowing look. If you’re looking for the right shade, start with coral shades. Apply and blend this shade of blush to maintain that flushed, fresh appearance. This can be a perfect match for light shades of eyeshadows and a tint of light pink lipstick. You’ll want to keep this in your list of Japanese Makeup Secrets.

Dab a Bit of Blush for That Fresh Look

Ready for That Kawaii Look?

It’s all about choosing the right colors and the right products to achieve that kawaii makeup style. It also helps to do a few quick makeup trials to see what style best suits you and get that kawaii look on.

Ready for That Kawaii Look

Whenever girls get well dressed up and have to go to a special occasion, they apply to make up for sure to look gorgeous and more beautiful. Girls love doing makeup as they feel special and just perfect when they look at themselves in the mirror and their face looks so pretty and free from any marks and anything which degrades their look. But on the other hand, it is important to ensure that makeup is applied in a correct manner as wrong makeup gives a bad effect on ones face. Buying branded beauty products is also important to ensure that they give the best effect and does not react with your skin. Thus, for the best results, the following are some makeup products for girls which they must follow for sure:

Make Up Products for Girls

Lip Color:
Attractive colors of lipsticks make everyone to spend whatever price they ask for! But it becomes important to select the color and shade accordingly. Most makeup artists prefer to match lip color with the color of your cheek as it looks astonishing. Therefore, you are advised to buy the beauty products for your cheek as the same color as that of your lipstick to look presentable. Makeup artists also ensure that the lipstick shade goes well with the attractive ladies dresses so that they look more than perfect!

Everyone gets worried about the acne and the long-lasting scars that they leave behind. This is something which is not acceptable on your pretty face. Hence, to deal with these scars, one must purchase a good quality concealer and apply it in a proper way so that they are not visible on your face contributing you to look pretty. It is gentle and safe to the skin and lasts long.

A classy eyeshadow when is applied to your eyelids, you appear bolt and striking! They are available in a number of shades and again, the correct one has to be selected according to your dress color. Moreover, it can also be applied to the skin near your eyes as it gives a fine your eyes and eyelids. On applying it, your face will look completely different and elegant!

Eyeliner is applied to the upper and lower eyelashes to give emphasis and a great look to your eye. A waterproof eyeliner should be preferred by one to ensure that it does not get smudged due to water or sweat after some hours of applying it which will otherwise look terrible! This can also be applied when you are going to your place of work to enhance your look as it looks simple but different.

This beauty product is maybe the favorite for all of us! Applying mascara on your eyelashes will darken and thicken them which will give an amazing effect. It also makes your eyelashes appear to look longer and is best for the ones who have short and thin eyelashes and desires the complete opposite.

The beautiful room decor can enhance your mood and make you feel happy when you return home after hectic daily schedule. You also get an appreciation for the interior of the house from the guests. Apart from an astonishing look, it also provides you with extra comfort. The furniture and other decor products that you buy for this purpose are enduring and of better quality. Thus, it becomes worthy to spend an extra amount for luxurious room decor.

Luxurious Room Decor

Following are the ways in which you can make your room look and feel luxurious:

A Warm Bed:
Make sure that your bed has a good bedsheet put on it which goes with the other interior of the room. It should also have well-puffed throw pillows placed in a proper manner which will transform the look of your bed. You should also assure that the bed is soft and comfortable for you to have a healthy sleep.

Bright Windows:
Window in a room should be such that it permits light to enter the room and make the room look luminescent. You must also install well-designed curtains which will help for a better look. Moreover, when the curtain rod is installed just some inches below the ceiling line, the room appears to be larger. The window frame must also durable and preferably of color that matches the room paint and other furniture.

If possible, get laminate flooring with has a number of advantages including its shiny appearance as it is easy to clean. In addition to this, you can also put carpets on the floor in areas including hall, entrance lobby, and dining to make your feet feel cozy and will also make you feel comfortable.

Dressing Table:
Firstly, a dressing table should be of good quality and design. The perfect one will have a Vanity Mirror in it to give an astounding look to your dressing table. One always prefers a dressing table with a vertical and long shaped mirror in it so that he can view its complete image, i.e. from top to bottom.

Getting new and latest devices getting installed in your room is no more a show-off thing, it has become a necessity to step forward with innovative technologies. Most of the people prefer to put wireless systems to control your lights, door, fan, washroom taps, and just everything! So, you must get the latest devices in your room so that it does not look old fashioned.

Beautiful lamps in one's room give an extra-ordinary look to that place! But it is important that you buy lamps which emits enough light to maintain proper visibility to your entire room. Moreover, you may also get an extra lamp for your work table which looks classy and of course, has its own benefits. But while selecting a work table lamp, one should keep in mind that the color of the light emitted by it is such that it favors you to work there for a longer period of time.