There are two kinds of couples in the world. First one is those they love Valentine’s Day and make a surprise plan for their loved one and another one are those who are not interested to celebrate a special day like valentine’s day. Honestly, I would say this is a very special day that should be celebrated, The person you love should know how you feel about to him/her. Valentine’s day is a perfect day to show a romantic gesture to your love partner.

Here are 5 Valentine’s day date ideas for new couples who aren’t too lovey-dovey

Arrange A Romantic Date
On the occasion of this special day, if you are willing to make a memorable day then you should go with your partner for a romantic date(like candlelight dinner). Surprise him/her with a special date, visit a beautiful place which is decorated with a full of candles, flowers, gifts etc.

Plan A Surprise Trip
Try to Go outside the city(like adventure place) then Start a day with a beautiful sunrise and spend some quality time with your partner. Sometimes the best gift is you can give your partner I.e time. So try to give a whole day to her, this is the Best Valentine’s Day Gift.

Movie Date
This is the perfect time to watch a romantic movie with your partner on valentine’s day. If you don’t want to go outside then can also make a plan in your home and order some snacks with a cocktail.

Take Him/Her On A Shopping
Especially girls are so excited about shopping so on this Valentine ’s Day go shopping with your partner.

Long Drive
The long drive is the best option for new couples. Here you can do some adventure activity with your partner.

Celebrate the month of love, February 2019, in your special way. Here are all the days list of the Valentine Week 2019 starting from 7th Feb.

🌹Happy Rose Day - Thursday, 7th February 2019

💍Happy Propose Day! - Friday, 8th February 2019 

🍫Chocolate Day ! - Saturday, 9th February 2019 
🐻Teddy Day - Sunday, 10th February 2019 

💌Promise Day 2019 - : Monday, 11th February 2019

🤗Hug Day 2019: Tuesday, 12th February 2019

💋Kiss Day 2019: Wednesday, 13th February 2019


Valentines Day 2019Thursday, 14th February 2019 

Any plans on how to celebrate the New Year Bash? Well, you can obviously go to nightclubs, discos, or have a house party with your near and dear ones. But, whatever you do, just make sure you are looking beautiful and attractive. An assorted body jewellery is exactly what you need to look classy and gorgeous. 

According to fashion gurus, the most exciting thing about a nose piercing jewellery is, they always look hot and trendy. So, let's discuss the latest fashionable and trending nose rings Of 2019 that you can choose to wear for the New Year’s party.

1. Fishtail Nose Ring

Fishtail Nose Rings are the best choice if you are fond of custom-made jewellery. It is usually a long bar, around 19 mm in length fitted exactly to the centre of the nose. After piercing, all you have to do is, bend the metal bar and fit the ring on your nostrils. The best thing is, they are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. Thus, after buying them you will get a nose ring that not only fits perfectly but also looks fascinating. 

2. Hoop Nose Ring
Hoop Nose Rings are one of the most popular nose piercing jewelries. They are extremely trendy and are a favourite among the youths. Mostly available in metallic colours such as silver and gold, they look extremely beautiful. The most exciting thing about this type of nose ring is, they are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. The beauty and elegance of this nose ring make it a must-have item in every  fashion enthusiast's cupboard.

3. Labret Nose Ring
A Labret Nose Ring comprises a stud with a flat disk on one side and a removable ball or sometimes a gemstone on the other. The best thing about labret nose ring is, they look astounding even if you have more than one piercing on the same side of the nostril. They are also available in many different colours.

4. Nose Stud
These nose rings are popular in all age groups. They have a single stud on the tip just outside the nostril. Mostly made up gold and silver, they sometimes also have diamonds or other gemstones studded on them. Nose studs are a perfect choice for people willing to wear a nose ring that will suit every attire in their wardrobe. Moreover, if you are fond of wearing something which is elegant, as well as, classy, then these rings are just what you need.

5. Nose Bone Ring
Though a derivative of Nose Studs, they look completely different from them. Nose Bone Rings have a flared end and are usually one gauge larger than the post. They look extremely beautiful and elegant and can be worn irrespective of age and gender. And the best part is, they are available in a wide array of colours.
So, what are you thinking? Buy an ecstatic body jewelry online  today and welcome 2019 with a blast! And if you are a fashion enthusiast, then get ready to be the ultimate show-stopper in 2019, as well as, for the coming 2 - 3 years.
Author Bio:
Ron Watson is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. He aspires to help his readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

Hiring an expert or professional electrician can be quite expensive. And this is actually a reason why lots of people out there do the own and basic electric wiring them. When you face some electrical issue in your house, you always call the electrician to solve it. And as a matter of fact, the electrician sometimes charges a lot. And that is why; you can only do some essential electric work by yourself. But for that, you have to learn all those. Doing the electrical job in your home is not a simple task at all, and that is why knowing the actions is essential in a proper manner.
The primary electrical wiring is really not something that people must do without proper guidance, confidence, and appropriate tools as well. This is quite significant that people need to aware of a fact that how dangerous electricity is before attempting any. And for that reason, safety and security are incredibly vital for your family and family home.

Know which tools to use
Before starting any of the electrical work accumulates the basic set of tools designed for wiring. If you merely try to strip wires utilizing the knife instead of a stripper, you almost certainly will nick copper and weaken the wire. Twisting some of the cables together utilizing the pair of household slip-joint pliers is hard. And also the loose connection might come apart. You can also take the Lineman's pliers’ help so that you can join wires to make professional-quality connections easily. And as a matter of fact, the necessary tools always help people to do their electric work. Make sure to buy some electrician tool belts which helping in making your job more easy. 

Understanding the proper technique is important
 If the wires get connected or spliced to fixtures or devices haphazardly, the circuit may function for a while. But there is a great chance a wire will work its way loose, making a dangerous condition. Wiring correctly is comparatively easy. This only takes a few times like an hour or two to learn how to make connections or splice just as reliable as those made by the experts and professionals. In few cases utilizing a correct method or technique is more comfortable and faster rather than doing something the wrong way.

For instance, looping the wire around a terminal screw clockwise keeps it from sliding out from under the screw head as you tighten the screw. And that is why you need to understand the proper technique and method about that. Basically, people say that proper technique is quite important to do the basic and fundamental electrical work for your house. And to know the fact, you can only take the help from any professional or expert as well. You can also take help from some websites as well.

 Doing the basic electrical work
Any skilled homeowner must have the basic understand of how to strip, splice, and join wires. Stripping wire is merely the right procedure of eliminating the insulation from the end of a wire. You need to be careful before just creating the connection. You can utilize the lineman's pliers to decisively strip the wire, being careful not to gouge it.

Splicing or even connecting the electric wire is also extremely simple. Try to grip the end of a stripped wire along with lineman's pliers, and then merely twist clockwise until and unless you feel more resistance. You also need to make sure that you need not to twist too hard. Then try to cut the tails off the tip of the splice.
You can join the wire, and for that, you need to join it to the terminal. And then merely grab the bare wire above the insulation along with the tip of long-nose pliers along with the twist to the left. After that, you will have to bend to the right, making the partial circle. Loosen the suitable screw on a terminal, and then slip the looped wire over the screw thread. Tighten the wire around a screw, and then tighten the terminal screw. You also need to repeat for all essential connections on the terminal.

An elementary and entirely clear understanding of how the electrical system works is a precious thing. Make sure you take the security when you start doing the electrical work. Though, as a matter of fact, doing the electrical work is not simple without knowing the process, but once you are well-acquainted with that, you can easily do that. Equally significant to know are the techniques or methods needed to make secure or safe electrical connections. You do not require being as fast as a pro, but your work can and should be as safe and reliable.

As the fashion market is revolutionized over time, many new styles of winter clothing like colorful sweaters, trendy jackets, and functional rain mac come into light. Winter clothing is no more boring and dull, trendy colors and styles capture the market offering you to look outrageous throughout the season. 

Pulled together stylish Corduroy jackets from leading online store for this fall season:

Corduroy color block plus size jacket
Available in plus sizes this beautiful color block Corduroy jacket is a standout piece which definitely upgrades your winter styling. Made up of cotton and polyester the jacket is wide-waisted and is of regular length. For decoration, it has pockets and patchwork pattern. Talking about other features then it has a turn-down collar, full sleeves, and single breasted closure. Perfect for the fall season pair this trendy jacket with blue jeans and casual shoes for a captivating style.

Crop zipper Corduroy jacket
Wants to continue your passion for crop styling then buy this crop zipper style Corduroy jacket from ZAFUL which gives you the freedom to flaunt your slim waist. Made up of cotton this jacket features white polo collar with eye-catching red trim on the front. This fashion style jacket features high-waist, full sleeves, front zipper closure, and can be dressed in while going out with the friends. Pair it with your favorite bottom for a perfect casual look.

Front pocket Corduroy jacket
Look ultra-chic in the fall season with this yellow color Corduroy jacket. Complement the jacket with a white tee, black bottom, and black ankle length boots for a graceful styling. Made up of polyester the jacket is ideal for the autumn, spring, and winter. This cute yellow jacket also features shirt-collar, regular length, full sleeves, and single breasted closure. For decoration, this solid pattern jacket has front pockets.   

ZAFUL patchwork Corduroy jacket
Perfect for a casual look this ZAFUL Corduroy jacket is cozy as well as stylish make you look like a style chic.  Crafted from polyester the jacket is wide-waisted and is of regular length. The drop shoulder gives a funky look to the jacket. The jacket is loaded with features like it has stand-up collar, zipper closure, full sleeves and beautiful patchwork of solid colors.

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Faux lamb wool lined Corduroy jacket
Fabricated from polyacrylic and polyester this brown color Corduroy jacket is a comfortable and cozy article suitable for the fall season. It features regular length, turn-down collar, single-breasted closure, and is ideal for daily wear. Pair this warm jacket with turtle-neck tee and black bottom to complete the perfect winter look. Click here to grab this article.

Hello ladies, winter has arrived, and it’s the right time to bag up some elegant and classy party dresses to dazzle the season. So here we jotted down a few latest articles from Rosegal which makes you look cute and adorable this festive season:

Christmas Plus Size Kitten Pattern Swing Dress
Get a 50s look and enjoy the Christmas Eve in a vintage style with this kitten pattern swing dress. On the bodice, it has a mesh insert with Swiss dots detailing. Available in black, bright red, deep red and green and all plus sizes, this kitten pattern dress is ideal for any party occasion. Crafted from polyester and spandex the dress features vintage look, round collar, knee-length, A-line silhouette, and can be an ideal pick for fall, summer, and spring.
Look Festive-Ready With Scintillating Dresses This Season

Half Sleeve Christmas Santa Print Dress
Ideal for the festive season this dress offers you an elegant and adorable look. Made up of polyester the dress has timeless black and red color contrast bodice and silhouette. The dress features A-line silhouette, knee length, round collar, half sleeves, and a beautiful Santa Claus pattern on the silhouette. Choose as per your choice from red, black and jungle green.

Look Festive-Ready With Scintillating Dresses This Season

Christmas Plus Size Panel Flared Dress
If you have plus size and not finding a dress which suits your figure and style then pick this flared dress with a classy striped pattern tee panel and a cute Christmas print pattern on the skirt. The dress is ultra-cute and fashionable and is suitable for any Christmas party. Fabricated from polyester the dress features V-neckline, mid-calf length, high-waisted, A-line silhouette, cartoon, and striped pattern, and short sleeves.

Look Festive-Ready With Scintillating Dresses This Season

Christmas Elk Striped Long Sleeves T-Shirt Dress
Embrace yourself with a casual and cool look on Christmas Eve with this aesthetic t-shirt dress embellished with stripped allover and Christmas silvery deer in the front. The dress is crafted from cotton and polyester and features casual styling, a shift silhouette, mini dress length, long sleeves and perfect for fall season. Pair the dress with distressed jeans to complete your festive look.

Hepburn Vintage Series Women Dress Round Neck Christmas Printing Stitching Design Long Sleeve Belt Corset Retro Dress
Available in white and green this Hepburn style dress gives an elegant and classy dash to your style. The dress has A-line silhouette, round neck, and retro style Christmas print all over. It has back zip closure, long sleeves, knee length, and available in all sizes from small to 2XL. See more details here.

We all have the favorite leggings outfit for the cold winter months include Christmas printed leggings. Christmas printed leggings are really fun to play around with and fancy wearing in winters. You can dress them up or pair with many things.
Tips to Pair Christmas Legging:
1. Wear a long super cozy sweater with legging, and add layers like a vest and knee-high socks.
2. You can pair it with sneakers and a shirt.
3. Simply the best is stick to the basic, solid color top and up to knee-high boots make an easy winter outfit.
4. Pair it with fringe boots and tribal leggings give off a boho looks.
5. Select ankle boots so you can really show off the Christmas print.
6. Pair it with sweatshirts and a bit with chunky jewelry.
7. Pair it with the top which has polka dots or a cute graphic tee also.
8. For extra warmth, you can wear your leggings as tights under a dress.
9. Pair it with a leather jacket to toughen up the look.
10. Pair it with a cozy scarf, slouchy sweater, and combat boots.

Our recommendations:

1. Women's Christmas Print Active Workout Stretch Footless Leggings
This super cool legging can be used for daily wear and workout session. It has normal length and crafted with polyester material. Other features are broadcloth fabric type,  Skinny fit, Waist Type: High, Closure Type: Elastic Waist,  Floral Patter, 3D Print, Pant Style: Pencil Pants, Elasticity: Super-elastic, Color: Green, Red and Package weight: 0.1700 kg. Click here for more information.

2. Women's Christmas Patterned Leggings Prints Pants
This awesome Christmas legging is perfect for the Christmas parties. It has normal length and crafted with polyester material. It is Skinny fit and has broadcloth fabric. It comes with waist Type: High, Closure Type: Elastic Waist, Pattern Type: Floral, Embellishment of 3D Print, Pencil Pants style, Super-elasticity, Color: Green, Red, and weight: 0.1700 kg. Click here to check it on Dressily.

3. Women's Santa Christmas Leggings Funny Costume Tights
If you want to become Santa then this legging is perfect for you. It has normal length and crafted material is polyester. It has Fabric Type: Broadcloth with Fit Type: Skinny and other feature are Waist Type: High, Closure Type: Elastic Waist, Floral pattern, 3D Print, Pencil Pants style, Elasticity: Super-elastic, Color: Green, Red and Package weight: 0.1700 kg. Occasions like Christmas Eve and other fancy parties. Click here to visit Dress Lily.