Kannada Wedding a Simple but Elegant Affair to Make Couple Wed

Kannada wedding is the most pleasant moment to tie nuptial knot of the Kannada bride and groom. Kannada marriage is very simple but elegant about its varying custom and traditions towards the big day. This is very simple and realistic culture to celebrate wedding custom and traditions. Kannada wedding custom and rituals are closely connected to the cultural and religious beliefs to accomplish matrimonial ceremonies' step by step. Kannada people are the residents of the Indian state Karnataka. This is very simple and realistic culture to celebrate matrimony ceremonies like their festive occasions. The marriage custom and rituals differ from state to state and community to community. Kannada wedding process takes a long time from its beginning to the end. These are highlighted custom and rituals that are the essence of cultural and religious beliefs.   

Kannada Wedding Attire
Wedding is not a common day this comes once in a couple’s life to enjoy precious moments together in a stylish or even traditional ways. Kannada matrimony memories must be captured in photographs to recall it again. On this marriage day Kannada groom wears traditional white Veshti or Dhoti this is made from cotton typical fabric in a simple way. But when it comes to the wedding custom groom wears silk scarf along with veshti is called Angavestram. And Kannada bride wears Naavari Saree on the wedding occasion. A bride also wears traditional ornamented jewelry to enhance her look.   

Wedding Custom and Rituals 
The custom and traditions are additional ceremonies to create much joyous or to arrange a marriage occasion in a traditional way.  

Nischay Tamulam  
This is a very first custom ceremony when the couple horoscope goes for matching to fix wed alliance. The groom’s parents go to the bride’s house to offer some traditional gifts like attire, coconut, sweets and fruits. This day fixes wedding date and time.  
Mandap Puja & Decor- This is really significant where all wedding rituals are performed even couple takes pheras in the mandap. Thus, this decoration must be colored with different floral garlands and after priest perform a little puja to purify mandap.  

Jaimala – Jaimala is one of the most favorable ceremony where a long curtain is placed between the matchmaking couple this gradually removed when a bride and groom exchange garlands to each other. This is a first chance couple comes in front of each other. After this phera ceremony takes place to unite the couple in a holy relationship forever.

5 Stunning Ways to Keep Married Relationship Strong in Your Busy Lives : No relation demands time, but don’t tell them with whom you are closely connected. A marriage relationship is a very loving and beautiful makes you feel special. In the married relation couple shares their love and secrets to each other. But modern time technologies and workaholic habits are worse that are influencing your married relationship. Never kill the romance in married life its mandatory to keep close touch between the couple. A regular life busy schedule sometimes makes you upset whenever you make a plan for a long tour but unfortunately your spouse says oh, no sorry I am busy. These wordings make your life and relation restless.

5 Nifty Jewelry Shopping tips for Budget-Savvy Brides

Who doesn’t like to look the best on her wedding day? After choosing the wedding ensemble, now it’s time to select the perfect bit of sparkle to make you shine on your big day. Well, no one can deny that beautiful wedding jewelry adds the final touch to your bridal look, but you need not break the bank and blow away your budget for it.

Jewelry Shopping tips

When it comes to jewelry shopping, the expense usually takes up the lion’s share of the allotted wedding budgets. It’s a complete myth that you must have expensive jewelry for looking resplendent on your big day. However, Simple and elegant ornaments can add exuberance to your overall persona. Although getting the right value for money can be tricky, it is not impossible to achieve.  So, if you believe to be a budget savvy bride, have a look at a few surefire affordable bridal jewelry tips to ace jewelry shopping.

Hunt for Versatile Jewellery
It doesn’t make sense to buy ornate jewelry that can’t be worn on any other occasion except thewedding. Instead, keep an eye out for some modern designs that do not lose its style quotient when paired up with avariety of outfits. Although, it may not save tons of money in your pocket instantly but help you get a considerably better value for money. Reusing the jewelry for other occasions in life makes it a valuable, sensible and money-saving investment.

Take Jewellery on rent 
Many budget savvy brides are of the opinion that spending on jewelry just for a single event is anutter waste of money. If you believe the same, renting the wedding jewelry is the best option for you. You can look for the jewelry renters in your area that cater to brides by renting bridal jewelry that perfectly complements the wedding outfit. Renting jewelry may not seem appealing to some brides-to-be, but it is worth as you will end up with saving a quiet amount of money in this way.
Ditch Gold andopt for other Metals
A bride looks incomplete without the exquisite touch of some jewelry pieces. No doubt gold jewelry augments the beauty of the bride’s attire and takes her beauty to another level. But while looking for something that perfectly fit in your cash, there areplenty of metals that you can choose instead of gold.

Fancy jewel pieces made of colorful metals are now in trend and are also less expensive than traditional gold and silver. Opting for silver or artificial jewelry can leave people gawking all over you while saving a lot of money that you can perhaps invest to your trousseau. Moreover, Jewelry adorned with Siesta Key Created Gems in Gold & Silver also makes a gorgeous yet affordable option for a bride.

Replace Diamonds with Pearls
Sparkling diamonds undoubtedly grab everyone’s attention with the visual appeal. But what if you get the same lush look with pearls that too at a fraction of the price? Yes, you don’t have to spend a lot of your savings in buying the expensive diamonds.Bride adorned with pearls jewelry especially the higher end ones look simply dazzling.

Replace Diamonds with Pearls

Revamp your mother's jewelry
Nothing beats the emotions allied with a piece of jewelry that is passed down from generation to generation. Wearing the traditional family jewelry will not only let you save some money but also help you sport your precious family heirloom. If you want, just give it a modern twist to suit your personality and styling sense. Also wearing your mother’s or grandmother’s jewelry on your wedding day is a matter of pride that involves priceless emotions.


Lastly, remember, It’s your attitude and confidence that makes you look gorgeous instead of a piece of jewelry. So, act smart while working on your wedding budget and without further ado, follow these tips for saving money on your wedding jewelry. 

Tips to Choose Right Marriage Celebrant

When it is about marriage, there are several perfect things that turn the occasion into a special and memorable one. Various types of service providers are hired to ensure that the ceremony takes place in the best way and guests go back to their places with a good memory. It does not matter if a task related to the wedding is big or small, it should be carefully taken care of. This is the secret of an unforgettable wedding day. Whether it is about getting services of caterers of hiring marriage celebrant, only the best in the arena should be chosen. A celebrant who manages all the rituals and important ceremonies of a marriage is known as a marriage celebrant.

Tips to Choose Right Marriage Celebrant

Marriage Celebrant
A marriage celebrant is legally authorized to provide the services of conducting various ceremonies during a wedding. One should hire a professional with a legal degree and proper training to ensure that all the rituals in the marriage are being followed. Although these kinds of celebrants have a legal license and years of experience in the arena, they should be hired after a thorough inspection. Even if the wedding day is approaching, a celebrant should be hired after being ensured that all the ceremonies during the occasion will be followed. Here are some helpful tips that can help one in finding and hiring the right celebrant for a wedding:

Explore with A Mate
It is always good to have someone around who can help you make right choices and choose the best one. Finding or hiring celebrant is not any easy task to do, so one should take help from their mates to explore the neighborhood in order to find the best marriage celebrant who has lots of qualities and services to offer.

Meet in Real
Some people are dependent on technology and think a phone call is enough to book a celebrant. It does not matter if the wedding day is approaching or it will be after few weeks, it is necessary to meet the professional in person. It will allow an individual to discuss several important things with the celebrant and what kind of services they are expecting from them on the wedding day. This method can also help an individual know if the professional is really experienced in the arena and willing to take the task seriously.

Ask Questions
It is necessary to communicate with celebrants about the services. Here one discusses what they are expecting on the wedding day and if the celebrant will be available at that time. If one is visiting more than one celebrant, then all the questions should be asked to every celebrant to check the difference between their services. The professionals should also be asked about their certification, training, and experience in the field.  

Asking for Reference  
The best way to ensure that the best has been chosen is contacting previous clients of the celebrant. One should ask for references and reach them to know about the professional’s services. They are the best helpers to know how good the celebrant is and if their services are really good.

 Share Ideas and Ask for Them  
Everyone has dreams for their wedding day and they should not be avoided. While meeting a celebrant, one should discuss their ideas about the marriage and ceremonies taking place that day. This will allow the professional to understand the requirements and equipment they need to ensure that everything happens as per the discussed plan. One can also ask the celebrant about their ideas on a ceremony as the professional is experienced in the arena.

How to Buy the Perfect Fastrack Watch

It is easy enough to buy an inexpensive watch, which will serve as a fashion afterthought. However with the buying guide on how to choose the perfect Fastrack watch, you will able to learn that there are certain simple things to be considered if you would like to get a right timepiece, which suits your wrist, from your most preferred brand, Fastrack.

How to Buy the Perfect Fastrack Watch

Choosing a movement:
This seems to be the first step previous to looking at a watch as the movement would dictate the quality of your timepiece and at the same time, its price too. Two basic movements are out there: mechanical as well as electronic. Among the two, electronic watches will be kept accurate through a steady pulse of clear cut quartz crystals, and are also power driven by an automatic winder or battery. These are often less expensive. In contrast, mechanical watches make use of a small pendulum in order to wind up & keep time

After selecting the desired movement, you have to decide on what you want your Fastrack watch to do. In all price points, Fastrack watches have a lot of features ranging from tracking oceanic tides to water resistance and also integrated GPS. Therefore, it is essential to consider the features, which you actually make use of, as almost all the features will add to the cost.

How to Buy the Perfect Fastrack Watch

Here, the size of the Fastrack watch is itself a key, as it must fit comfortably over your wrists devoid of hanging on the edges. Further, it should carry a weight, which is both substantial and comfortable. If you prefer a metal watch, be sure to fit it to other metal accessories, which you may wear. As an inexpensive way, you may also consider buying a leather strap so as to change its look. Eventually, you should want your watch to be the well-thought accessory saying a lot about you through its style and function as well.

Watch care:
There is technically very hard to watch care instead of keeping it clean & dry. When the case is found to be made out of precious metals, it may require regular polishing. Or else, you have to hire a watchmaker every three to four years in order to ensure its accuracy, fix the general wear & tear and to replace the battery. Moreover, the band is possibly getting dirty over time. So, if it is rubber or leather, wipe it clean. If it is metal, make use of a little toothpaste so as to remove grit and sweat and restore its shine.

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5 Perfect Tropical Islands and Beach Towns for Relaxation

With the perfect offerings for relaxing the body and recharging it for the great visit to the rest of such places and make relax sitting with palm trees while watching the colorful sunsets on the beach, Travel to Hawaii, the Caribbean, North African Morocco beaches, South Pacific, Bahamas and other astonishing tropical destinations are waiting for you. If you are on a budget, a journey to the tropics doesn’t have to break the bank.

Puerto Rico
An independent territory in the great United States, Puerto Rico is an amazing small island, located in the east of the Dominican Republic. To visit and experience a unique tropical place, this island is second to none in its beauty and calm environment.  With the wonderful covering of green mountains, impressive waterfalls and the wonderful tropical vegetation of El-Yunque National Forest, this island will seize out your worries and tiredness and also it is a popular tourist destination for those who love swimming, surfing, diving and sailing.

5 Perfect Tropical Islands and Beach Towns for Relaxation

With the 700 islands and more than 2000 cays distributed over 100,000 square miles of the vast Atlantic Ocean, about 50 miles from the coast of Florida. The overall population of this beautiful island increased and the most have become the most famous destination for thousands of visitors and nature lovers. Home to the Andros Barrier Reef, the Bahamas are a scuba various heaven and some of the best tropical islands to holiday in the Caribbean island.

5 Perfect Tropical Islands and Beach Towns for Relaxation

Bora Bora:
This place is recognized as honeymooners’ paradise, and in French Polynesia, it is a small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti. From above, it looks like a green jewel plunged into a blue expanse of the ocean, enclosed by tiny islets encircled with bright white sand and a turquoise cove ringed by a coral reef.

Once you land in this amazing place, it is no less beautiful with posh resorts in which tiny thatched-roof cottages are hovering over the water, each with a secluded pool. The latent volcano growths to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu, the uppermost point being 727-feet high and proposing remarkable views and great hikes. More tropical vacation destinations can be visited with some company for Holidays. Bora Bora is also a swimmers’ paradise, with vigorous perfect ridges rich with sea creatures of all types.

5 Perfect Tropical Islands and Beach Towns for Relaxation

This beautiful walled town just south of Tangier on the Atlantic coast, like a mini-Essaouira in northern Morocco, it is covered by golden curves of sand to the north and south. The pleasantest beach, Paradise Beach, lies a slight over a mile south of the Medina (the old city) and is best touched by holding a taxi or caliche, also known as the horse-cart from one of the many impresarios in town intense to take you there. For an unusual stay with excellent Souk and sea sights, reserve the rooftop room via Virikson Morocco holidays, which can provide accommodations to more than five people at once.

5 Perfect Tropical Islands and Beach Towns for Relaxation

Easter Island:

In the central part of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles west of South America and 1,100 miles away from any adjacent island, there is a slight Polynesian volcanic island called Easter Island, also known by its original name of Rapa Nui, be in the right place to Chile. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, well-known for its archeological park containing 900 massive statues known as Moai.

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