Top Men Shoe Trends 2017

The fashion world is changing as quickly for men as it is for women. Each year the leaders in the fashion industry throw new styles and trends that become talk of the town. If you are a fashion geek, you must have known the pain of having to quickly update your wardrobe. From suits to shoes to accessories, you need to update them all.
We have often heard people saying that shoes are the first thing which get noticed unintentionally. The importance of shoes obviously cannot be underestimated. Wearing a high quality branded suit with a pair of unmatched, outdated shoes can make your look from hero to zero.  Loafers, snickers, longs, strap; there are many shoe styles. To help you pick the Best Men Shoes, we have put down Top Men Shoe Trends for 2017. Let us look at these latest trends:

Top Men Shoe Trends 2017

A pair of Grenson’s: Grenson’s shoes are quite fashionable. Made up of Scottish high quality leather these shoes are among the top favorite for 2017. These Grenson’s are a pure timeless choice. You will find them in trending wear for each year with slight modifications. Perfect for university students, for partially formal gatherings.

The hard worker’s shoes:  The hard worker’s shoes are the “Alden of New England” laced, high heel shoes. These shoes have a simple design and stitching on them. But finely made to give you a graceful look. Good for corporate as well as for semi-formal days.

Crocket and Jones: The handmade Crocket and Jones shoes are the pure “dress to impress” thing. Fine quality and laced. A great style addition for adding elegance to your style. Good for managers or for people in the lead. Also for elderly people who like to maintain their own class.

Rugged Timberlands: These rugged timberland’s is the new trending thing for people who are out most part of their days. Rugged but comfortable at the same tip. Topping the look with the beautiful Timberland logo on the sides. These are also laced and high heeled.

The Sturdy Trickers: A practical pair of shoes for the most stressful days. Traditional in look but uniquely made to give you a custom style. Equally good for corporate as well as for casual.

The Clarks for Deserts: These patchy styled Clark shoes are literally designed for Deserts. Very minimal in design but high quality finish. This suede leather will add so much to your character. But wait! You can wear these off the desert too. 

The Motorbiker’s Belstaff: Oh Damn! These are the perfect motorbiker’s shoes. No wonder all girls will be after you. Perfect for boys who specifically like to motorbike. You can also wear them to match on costume parties. This one is a little funky pick.

The Shanghai Style: Shanghai Style Men’s shoes emerged for the first time in 1929 but still rock the men shoes industry. These are not laced and different from the previous ones. Will rock your look in semi-formal events.

The Wolverines: Wolverines are made of high heels and leather. This wolverine is best suited for men who want to look the hardest around. These shoes are guaranteed to be your partner for all hard days. Put these on if you are travelling or going out for long. Enjoy big miles with these! 

The Australian UGG: These trending signature shoes by UGG should be your pick for adventurous days. They have a classic sheepskin style and are mostly worn in winters. Give you the ultimate warm feeling and look.

10 Ways to Make Your Hair Awesome!

To put it in a way Khalil Gibran once famously did - 
Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”
I’m sure this puts everyone, as even myself, in a fix. We all love our hair and looking at gorgeous hair because it makes us feel beautiful on the inside. But the predicament remains: How do we get there? The process is too tedious, isn’t it?

10 Ways to Make Your Hair Awesome!

Well, not anymore! I’ve compiled together a simple list of to-do’s to achieve the kind of hair you only dream about! These to-dos however fit right into your life and are extremely easy to follow.

•    It all comes down to the right shampoo
Rule no #1 is to avoid all kinds of cheap and unreliable shampoos and only opt for shampoos that guarantee damage control, because that’s when they really work wonders on your hair. Dandruff shampoos make a bigger difference as they cleanse your scalp, even if you don’t have any dandruff. So you know what to do. An bonus would be a shampoo that doubles up as a conditioner and hence does all the work that you don’t have to worry for later!

•    Conditioning
Speaking of conditioners, not only are they essential for heat protection, but they make your hair super shiny and take care of it as they are a better source of coating hair. Great conditioners are the secret to voluminous and lustrous locks. Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

•    Oil
One of the most basic yet most underrated liquids that keeps our hair alive from the within: Oil! They make everything better- improve hair growth, result in shinier hair, reduce dandruff and get rid of the unwanted dry skin as also other unnecessary particles. Ayurveda, as most of us are aware is the idea of a balance in bodily systems which uses diet and herbal treatment. Luckily for us, there are hair oils in Patanjali, ranging from Coconut, Amla, and Almonds, that can also be used for dandruff to make the process easier!

•    It’s time for that foodie in you to come alive!
Almost everything you consume has everything to do with how your hair looks and feels. It’s true. Maintaining a proper diet will go a long way for growth and volume. This is how:

1.    Protein.
Meats and fish are unmatchable when it comes to a healthy hair growth. What’s essential is that they contain the required fats which help to sustain the hormones and keeping you healthy.

2.    Vitamin
Spinach, Citrus, and Brocolli are some of the examples of Vitamin C that are commonly used to promote the extensive growth of hair. Regular use of these will ensure you flourishing hair.

•    Cold water
Simply put, heat or hot water can reduce the volume of your hair. If cold is too cold for you, go for lukewarm water that doesn’t tear up your strands, even if you end up with a cold later! As for conditioning after the nourishing shampoo, it works best with cold water to leave you feeling like a princess and utterly satisfied with your hair.

•    Even your hair needs special treatment
Every once in a while, don’t forget to treat your hair to a little something extravagant. Deep conditioning treatments like all organic and exquisite oils, conditioners, natural treatments and hair masks are all a day’s work for you that are everlasting with your hair. It’s these little things that will relieve you and work their magic in a mystical way!

•    Cleanliness is Godliness
Probably the easiest and probably the most difficult for all of humanity. Keep your hair clean! From using quality products that are suitable along with your hair, chopping off those split ends when you see them coming, washing your hair regularly according to the climate of the area you live in to tying it up and handling it with care, these are the most known yet unknown cheats to achieving better hair over the years. Practice makes a man perfect, doesn’t it?

•    It’s that time of the day.. hormones!       
The next time you don’t sleep well or are stressed out because of something’s been bothering you: think again. It might be the reason you’re losing hair. Literally. Not everyone knows that our hormones also play a vital role in hair growth, which can ultimately be poor, if the hormones stay unbalanced. So, work towards your health and have a balanced lifestyle that is easy for you to maintain and beneficial for your locks.

•    This might hurt: Avoid heat styling.
The first tip to heat styling goes: don’t do it. It’s a common phenomenon that it affects and damages hair to a certain extent and no matter what your hairdresser may tell you, it’s always a good option to avoid it so you don’t have any permanent damage to your hair. If you absolutely must, use heat rollers and ones that have the heat protectant spray to protect your lovely tresses.

•    Trimming
Ugh, the very thought of this is excruciatingly painful. It’s difficult to chop off hair when you literally live with, and have grown (with) it all by yourself, however, this only brings you a step closer to fuller and shinier hair. Trimming a little of those unwanted split ends help hair prevent breakage and hence maintain a healthy balance without all those split ends living with you throughout the years.

It’s going to take some work, yes. But it’s going to be worth it, because we’re all worth it!

6 Natural Skin Products that Helps to Avoid Horrific Cosmetic Effects

What are the only two concerns about cosmetics?
Firstly, individuals wish to experience the same results as the products claim and secondly, the products shall not have adverse side effects on the skin.
Essential skin care products are preferred over toxic cosmetics because of the major concern that every user have i.e. no or negligible side effects. There is a huge demand for natural and organic products even though they are more expensive than toxic cosmetics and have less powerful effects.
6 Natural Skin Products that Helps to Avoid Horrific Cosmetic Effects

There are several other reasons that are considered before buying a cosmetic product, such as:

Skin Lighting Products- It includes lotions, creams, gels et-cetera which when applied to the skin on a regular basis, tones up the color i.e. makes it white. These products have gained demand because of the misconception in the minds of the population which states that white beauty is the ultimate beauty and anything darker is considered to be ugly. Products which are supposed to enhance the color of the skin are bought with a skeptical mind because of skin cracking or skin darkening side effects.
 Lip Products- These includes lip balms, lip scrubs, lip glosses, lipsticks et-cetera. These products are applied when the lips of a person cracks or becomes rough, due to the damage caused by pollution or seasonal changes usually in winters. Such products improve the quality of the lips by filling up the cracks with natural compounds. Side effects caused are lip darkening or darkening of the surrounding areas.

Body Lotions/ Creams- These include body lotions, gels, creams and every other cosmetic product which is applied to improve or treat the skin conditions of the individual. Side effects of such products include temporary enhancement but permanent damage in the future, itching, dryness et-cetera.

Skin Enhancing Products- This is a special category product line which includes all the value-added cosmetics like sunscreen lotions/ creams, medication ointments for skin conditions like eczema, acne, contact dermatitis et-cetera. There are severe side effects of ointments which range from mild effects like rashes & itching to adverse effects like permanent skin damaging i.e. skin cracking, skin darkening et-cetera. 
Hair Products-
These include shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair wax et-cetera. There are multiple side effects of hair products which are not just restricted to hair area but also other parts of the body. Side effects include hair fall, dandruff, itching, scalp dryness, irritation in eyes, scalp reddening, and roughness on the forehead or skin, darkening of the back of the neck. 
Makeup Products-
These include all the beauty enhancement products like foundations, mascaras, eye shadows et-cetera. As the name suggests, it makes up an unoriginal outlook of the individual which is considered as enhanced beauty, applied for usually two reasons i.e. hide the deformities/ scars or to enhance the natural beauty. Side effects include permanent skin damage, constant need for cosmetics in the future and addiction of the skin to these products.

Severe Skin Conditions
There are many severe skin diseases which are caused due to chemical skin care products like the following:
  • Inflammation
  • Wart
  • Psoriasis
  • Dermatitis
  • Infections
  • Blisters
  • Hives
  • Pustule
  • Erythema
  • Mycosis
  • Herpes simplex
  • And the most dangerous of all, Skin Cancer

Know Why Skin Care Products are Necessary
Environmental conditions have increased the need for essential skin care to protect the skin and hair. Due to air pollution and water pollution, the quality of the skin and hair is degrading on a global scale. To protect the skin from these conditions, natural skin care is preferred to avoid future side effects caused by the regular use of toxic cosmetics.

The whole world is shifting towards natural products because of the false claims and harmful effects of the chemically-infused cosmetic products. There are so many claims with confusing terms & conditions which are legally right but not ethically right in some cases.

Cosmetic brands are not developing skin improving products, rather temporary skin enhancers. Essential skin care products improve the texture and quality of the skin in the long run, having only natural compounds which are least harmful and maximum beneficial. Although, the positive effects are experienced slowly, but are permanent and extremely valuable when comes to the betterment of the hair and skin quality.

4 Pair of Latest Shoes you Need for Rocking Every Occasion!

Our first impression speaks louder than words and it takes seconds for an individual to glance up and down and note what you are wearing. Although this notion fits better for women, nevertheless, men are as competitive when it comes to dressing stylishly and classy. Since you cannot wear long coats in summer, just like that, you cannot wear casual shoes to a formal event or vice versa. Every occasion has its dressing rules. While the rules may not be spoken out loud, however everyone abides by them. Therefore, empty your closet neat this year and make space for the ultimate pairs of latest shoes which you truly need to own!

4 Pair of Latest Shoes you Need for Rocking Every Occasion!

The Loafers
Loafers are your best friends when comfort, style and activeness are in questions.  While they are lace-less shoes, their upper vamp is designed like standard moccasins. Loafers are ultimate walking shoes all men should own as they are perfect for almost all occasions. While you can rock them with a pair of ripped jeans, they will equally compliment an attire with khaki pants, the long coat look, the rugged leather jacket look, etc. Loafers have many different styles. Go for different colored loafers and opt for either tussled, penny or Gucci.

The Monks

The classic monks are not only classy but they release an aura of manliness like none other! While they are a little less than oxfords and a little something extra compared to standard suede, the monks are perfect for family gatherings, outings with friends, casual dinners, backyard BBQ and all such occasions. For those of you who don’t know about monks, these shoes are concealed with side straps, either one or two. If you don’t own a monk yet, get yours in classic black and striking brown.

The Derby

Derby is a classic shoe style which contrasts with oxfords, nonetheless is slightly casual compared to oxford itself. The latest shoes of 2017 for men are derbies with a twist! While the old fashion revolved around simple blacks and browns, today, men can enjoy many different shades and colors. A Derby can be worn formally as well as semi-formally. You can choose from classic derbies, colored sole derbies, brogue derbies, etc.

Chelsea Boots

Boots are an epitome of fashion and they can be worn with almost all attires. Although they look best with long coats or leather jackets, they equally rock with pants, jeans, left shirts, turtle necked shirts and sweaters, etc. You can choose from brogue boots, patent leather ankle high boots, laced up boots or monk strap boots. If you want to go unique, go for printed leather such as Anaconda leather, ostrich leather, etc. The Chelsea boots can be worn at concerts, casual gatherings, religious gatherings and even at picnics. Why wait? Get yourself one pair of these and flaunt away.

With these 4 outstanding designs of shoes in your wardrobe, you can rock all occasions in style and leave everyone spellbound!

Why Everyone Should Have Vintage Designer Handbags

We hope you are on the verge of buying vintage handbags because after reading this article you will definitely want to buy that. Vintage handbags are best known for its traditional and antique design which does not give artificial look. These bags will give you an elegant look with great compliments. My Luxury Bargain offers vintage designer handbags of the highest quality and we believe that everybody deserves those handbags in their bag collections. There are many reasons that will force to buy designer vintage handbags.

Vintage Designer Handbags

Vintage handbags reflect another kind of authenticity and simplicity. They are small, ornate, and absolutely beautiful and meant to go with a stunning evening gown. These can be your over the top statement piece.

Golden Age:-
In the Era of 1920's women carried evening bags when they went out dancing. These handbags were usually made of mesh or expensive for their day. During these decades, women had bags for everyday use as well as evening vintage handbags and clutches which are very popular. They are like egg shapped and crystal encrusted.

Vintage Designer Handbags

Fashion icon:-
Handbags have been a fashion icon for a long time, which means there’s now a wonderland of vintage and designer wares for current collectors to get their hands on. We wondered though, how popular are vintage designer handbags in comparison to their modern-day counterparts? “There is a strong vintage handbag online market, and these are very popular with buyers all over the world. You can’t really compare them with other items we sell usually".

Worthful and Status symbol:-     
Many hard-working, successful businesswomen like to spoil themselves, but also like a bargain for their product. It’s still possible to buy luxury bags at auction at a fraction of their modern retail price, and of course – there is no waiting list. This point about Businesswomen is interesting The luxury market has less to do with great designs and more to do with consumerism and status symbol. Even though, such collectors enjoy treating themselves to a new bag as a way of celebrating their success – almost like a trophy.

In Comfort Range:-
Vintage bags are timeless and classic & craftsmanship of these bags are really appreciable and are stamped chanel. Price is major advantage with most good condition vintage handbag going for around half their in store price at online market. Incredibly, However this may still not make it the world' s most expensive handbags. The concept of "getting your money's worth" on an investment has never rung so true.

Vintage Designer Handbags

Look out for fake products:-

Only buy from a reputable online auction house such as My Luxury Bargain. We authenticate and guarantee every item we sell. Buying online from an unknown source can be very risky, and there are some extremely good fakes out there for which no other option is available. The vintage designer handbags we sell are either extremely rare and unique designs, or highly collectable classics which have stood the test of time and are still desirable.

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