If you want to save money by going for a close alternative to diamond without sacrificing quality, then read on. It may be that you are planning a proposal and you want it to be a memorable one. You are not alone. One in three engagement takes place between Thanksgiving and New Year. If you are Shopping for an Engagement Ring, you may want to consider a diamond alternative due to the high cost attached to it. So, in this blog post, we are going to share with you the best alternative to diamond and our reasons.

The Best Alternative to Diamonds to Save Money without Losing Quality

Diamonds are not the only option for an engagement ring or any piece of jewelry. There is a better option that is not just much more affordable but also come with more fire than a natural diamond.

After conducting many laboratory research, we came to the conclusion that moissanite is the only best alternative to diamond. It is no more news that if a moissanite and a diamond are placed side by side, it will be difficult for you to differentiate between them unless you are an expert in gemstones.

Moissanites are naturally occurring crystal that forms after a meteor hits Earth. Although, lab-grown versions can be easily seen in the market. Moissanites are rare mineral on its own comprising of silicon carbon, whereas diamonds are pure carbon. It was discovered by a French scientist, Henri Moissan and was named after him.

Why Moissanite?
Here are few reasons moissanite is considered the best alternative to diamond;

The price of diamonds can never be compared with moissanites. Diamonds are way more expensive than moissanites. When shopping for moissanite, you could spend 80% less than you would on a natural diamond with almost the same details. The price and value of a diamond is determined by the 4C's (Cut, Clarity, Color, Carat).
Why go into debt just to buy a diamond engagement ring when you can save almost 80% of the money and still get something very close? Like it was stated earlier, unless you are an expert in gemstones or informed about moissanite and diamond, it is very difficult to state their differences ordinary.

In terms of hardness, moissanites are the only stone after diamond. Moissanites are 9.25 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness while diamond comes at 10. This makes them the best fit for jewelries as they can withstand scratches.

For those wanting a colorless stone just like diamond, you can find such in some jewelry stores. Though they are rare, but if you really search for them, you will find them. You can get a near-colorless moissanite stone if you search correctly. It is noticeably less yellow than a normal moissanite.

The Best Alternative to Diamonds to Save Money without Losing Quality

If your reason for wanting to buy diamond is sparkle, then you will do yourself a lot of good by going for moissanite instead of diamond. Moissanites shines with much fire than diamonds. When light enters moissanite, the fire produced is more intense than that of diamond.

You can get different shapes and sizes of both gemstones. The most common is round, which is sometimes difficult to tell the differences.

Other Alternatives
Now, aside rating moissanites as the best alternative to diamond, they are other beautiful options that can still be considered an alternative to diamond but not as close as moissanite. They are even less expensive to moissanite.

White Moissanite
Sapphires are gemstones suitable for engagement rings. Although, they don't emit fire like moissanite or diamond. They are quite hard but not as hard as a moissanite or diamond.

White Topaz
For those on a very tiny budget, you can go for white topaz. It is softer when compared to moissanite and diamond, and neither does it has the kind of sparkle a diamond has.

Cubic Zirconia
This gemstone looks almost like moissanite but it is not. Cubic Zirconia also emit more of a rainbow sparkle when light is shined on it. It is even very hard to tell the difference between CZ and diamond. 

Bottom Line
Should you go with moissanite for your engagement ring or piece of jewelry? That is a matter of personal choice. There is no law that state that an engagement ring must be diamond. Cheap doesn't mean fake. Your happiness should be a deciding factor here.

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Ashish s. Expert in moissanite & Diamond industries in last 10 years. Share some customers tips & Update latest trends. Now working in Loose Moissanite stone & jewellery products. 

As the fall begins, the industry has already started discussing the fashion trends of spring 2020. All models and icons are on the lookout for the upcoming trends of the year and revisit some of the evergreen motifs. Even in the accessories industry, huge competition is running over what will allure the millennials as well as the mature crowd. To make your task of shopping and collecting easier, we are creating a list of fashion jewelry trends for 2020.

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020

        1. Extra large hoops

Extra large hoops
Hoops have always been a symbol of modern fashion ethics and suit both western and Indian cultural elements. In the coming year, these loops will continue holding their importance, varying in size.

The larger hoops can suit the best with traditional outfits, while the latest trends hint at cross-designed circles. There are intertwined hoop rings, extending the earrings and adding to the grandeur. These supersize hoops also adorn brass chains detailings and the vintage 80's effect for adding a rustic look to your personality.

 2. Punk aesthetics

Punk aesthetics
Replicating the rebellious mood of the '70s, the punk aesthetics are all set to return in the 21st century. They have a grungy and androgynous silhouette, with several kinds of gold chains, runways, check prints, and boxy designs are crossing them. They can be beautiful in the dark gem earrings. There are stacks of piercings, bold and abstract gem fittings, studded chokers, and long earrings with eclectic pearls setting, in this style, which sets it apart from other trends. They create the most artful designs which can be clubbed with funky clothes, representing the hip culture.

 3. Rhinestone

While every woman loves expensive collectible jewelry, there is no denying that we all demand new styles for different occasions. This has made imitation jewelry very famous, and amongst them, the use of Rhinestone is extremely popular.

Rhinestones are shiny diamond stimulants that resemble an outstanding piece of collectible. They are widely used in necklaces, earrings, nose pins, and rings, for unique fashion. Rhinestone earrings are trending in charts for the glamorous looks in 2020, with the danglers swaying every time you walk.

 4. Colour explosion

Colour explosion
Neon is the spirit of fashionable women, which adds a glam quotient to every hip and trendy look. These colour explosive pieces are sure to add a glimpse of daring to the looks. Neon colors also have an extra benefit of customization, whereby you can club them with all kinds and shades of clothing, for the perfect look. They are used in different jewelry styles as well, right from the oversized hoops to the bourgeois trends. These colors are also actively used in danglers and tassels, which are flared in a multi-colored fashion.

 5. Statement earrings
Statement earrings
The saga of statement earrings has started to take over the market in 2019. These earrings have mostly meshed with rhinestones, CZ stones, or crystals for an exceptionally poised look. This vibrant texture with gorgeous stones is to be a significant fashion shift in 2020, adding a luxurious finish and a sophisticated glare to the earrings. Also, the colorful component of these stones lends a variety of accessories to your party dresses. The statement earrings have created a luxurious niche for themselves and are mostly worn with unique outfits.

 6. Long chain links

Fashion Jewellery Trends Emerging In 2020
Be it in earrings or necklaces, long chain links in different metals are increasingly garnering glamorous attention. These long chain links are cleverly used in designing intricate earrings and choker necklaces. They have a rugged impact, but when merged with scarlet colors, they also suit with trendy western attires. Long chain links are also now being used in rings and anklets as well. They correlate to the category of double hoops and heavy jewelry, connecting layers of metals into elegant designs.


7. Going solo

Going solo
It has been seasons of vibrant studs and gems getting popular and widely worn. However, now the focus is shifting on finding the one. Most of the designers prefer having one single earring on their models, which have different mosaic patterns and monograms. There are sculptural and geometric patterns, thoroughly repeated in danglers and hoops silhouettes. To create a distinct image in every function you attend, you can follow suit and carry only one single earring. This will make you quite appealing and establish your stark, bold image.

8. Pearls

If there is one element that is totally capable of lifting your spirits, it is the pearl. Pearls are elegant pieces of sea jewels, sparkling in their white hues. They are incorporated in all types of jewelry pieces, right from necklaces to rings and earrings. These pearl fittings suit well with both exotic traditional garments and the subtly lavish western couture. The most significant benefit of having a pearl accessory is that you can pair different types of earrings with separate necklaces. Pearls will still maintain coordination amongst your entire outfit, being the most adaptive gems. Pearls have always been in fashion, and again, in 2020, they have a recurring presence, making the eternal pearls evergreen.

9. Sculptural jewelry
 Sculptural jewelry
India is a land of rich cultural specimens that have been used and implemented in several jewelry items. Similarly, the twisted patterns frequently seen in western artifacts is also used in jewelry. These sculptural designs are being imitated in earrings patterns, which are sweeping the market in upcoming styles of 2020. There is wide usage of sleek, sculptural structures in earrings and necklaces, which can be used as workwear accessories. Toned for a polished take on regular accompaniments, these jewelry pieces are metal worked and can be used as a fresh alternative to rhinestones, for the perfect evening outing.
These are some of the upcoming trends which you can start implying right from the start of the year. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to presenting ourselves in the best possible way. Thus, we have curated an exhaustive guide to excel in the style game and ace the trending fashion.

If you haven’t shaven your head or allowed your hair to flow fancy-free, then you would certainly be using a hair product to keep your hair in place and look your best.

But the question is: How did you choose that product?
Selecting the right hair product from several different available products can really be difficult. For most people, it started by using some random hair products, which they haven’t changed since when they were teenagers and for some, it was a trial by style or recommendation from friends.

How to Find the Right Hair Product?

But the truth is, the hair product you have been using for your hair may give an overwhelming result by may not be the right hair product for you. But by breaking down the hair care products, I will be helping you to find the right hair product for your hair need.


Hold and Shine

All hair products are categorized into two based on their characteristics: Hold and shine. Hold deals with how firmly the hair product keeps your hair in place while shine deals with how wet and shiny your hair looks after applying the hair product.
So if you want your hair to lock in place (set and forget), opt-in for hold hair products. But if you want your hair to look natural, wet, and shiny, choose Shine hair products.
Shine hair products can either be high (makes your hair wet and slick) or matte (which makes your hair dry and natural). Hold hair products also come in low, medium, and high. High hold makes your hair lock stronger, medium to low hold makes your hair to bounce.
In terms of styling options, hair products can be categorized into:


I would suggest a gel hair product if you want high hold and high shine hair product for your spiky hair. This product keeps your spiky hair firmly in place with little to no movement. Generally, if you prefer your hair to be crunchy and immovable, the right hair product for you is the gel product.
More so, if you want hair products that you can easily wash away, gel hair product is the right one. Unlike oil-based hair products, gels are water-soluble and come out easily with a thorough rinsing.
However, gel hair products have a bad side. They are high in alcohol. Alcohol-based hair products are not always the right hair product for you. Alcohol can cause irritations and dehydration.
So, leaving gel products on your hair and scalp for long will likely dehydrate your hair, dry out your scalp, and leave unsightly flakes behind.


Pomade is a classic hair product that offers high shine and a medium to low hold. Pomade hair products will keep your hair locked in place and yet allow some re-styling and movement. So if you need hair products that allow for flexible hold, get pomade hair products.


Wax hair products are very similar to pomade hair products in many ways. However, while pomade can be either oil-based or water-based, wax products are oil-based. Wax hair product offers a firm to medium hold and can be found in either matte or shiny finishes.

Hair Spray

You can use hair spray products to keep your hair in place. But note that most hair sprays can cause skin problems. For instance, when you apply hair spray, some may land on your face and clog your pores. This may lead to blemishes, oily build-up, or bacteria growth. I would advise you to use less hair spray or better skip it to avoid skin problems.

Choosing the Right Hair Product for You

Everyone is different, and each hair is unique. Hence, carefully take your time to study the hair product and its ingredients so that you won’t be dehydration or damaging your hair and scalp. Sometimes, a natural hair product may be the right hair product for you. It all comes down to what works best for your hair. Keep finding what works and what doesn’t.

When you receive an invitation to a wedding the chances are it will include a dress code and possibly two different dress codes for the main event and for the evening reception so it’s important that you know what they mean and how to follow them.

Wedding Dress Codes and How to Abide

Not every wedding will have a dress code so it’s always worth checking with the groom what his expectations are for guests who will be attending as it’s also possible the groom won’t understand what the dress codes really mean.

For this post we asked the team behind Dobell – an online source of fashionable menswear; and they gave us an easy guide to what the wedding dress codes mean and how to abide by them:

Smart casual
Smart casual means the wedding is going to be a fairly relaxed event and provides you with a broad range of clothing choices however for men it doesn’t mean jeans but more like chino trousers with a smart shirt and an optional jacket. Don’t wear trainers either, go for brogues or loafers with your smart casual outfit.

Cocktail dress code
Cocktail dress code is semi-formal and can be fun and creative but is more formal than a smart casual dress code. For men it means wearing a suit, generally a dark colour such as navy or charcoal, with a white or single colour shirt and tie.

An evening wedding certainly needs a dark suit and muted shirt, whereas an afternoon wedding could give more leeway when it comes to colours and patterns but if you have any doubt as to what’s appropriate, check with the groom.

Jacket and tie dress code
This is another code for a semi-formal wedding and requires men to wear a suit jacket with a tie, as the name implies. It can either be a matching suit or, in this situation a smart blazer and tie, teamed with a pair of smart chinos would also be acceptable.

Lounge suit dress code
This one can be confusing for men but it just means a formal suit with waistcoat, shirt and tie so is a step above jacket and tie dress code in the formality stakes. It’s a dress code which applies mainly to day time weddings.

Morning suit
A very formal daytime event might require the guests to wear morning suits in which case you need to don a full tailcoat, waistcoat and trousers. This would be a very formal dress code and the wedding would need to be taking place before 4.30pm for this to apply.

Formal dress code
A formal dress code requires men to wear a traditional dark coloured suit, conservative tie and white shirt. For an evening event a tuxedo can be appropriate as well. It’s another way of saying black tie optional meaning guests need to be formal but not necessarily full black tie.

Black tie
Black tie is the most formal dress code for an evening wedding and requires men to wear a black tuxedo with a bow tie.

White tie
This is quite an unusual dress code but is also known as full evening dress. With this dress code a man needs to wear trousers with satin sides, an evening tailcoat which is double-breasted, a white waistcoat and bow tie.

Clothing optional

This unusual dress code is generally reserved for nudist weddings so that non-nudist guests can decide if they feel comfortable naked or would rather wear clothes. There is no guidance as to what kind of clothes can be worn so it might be worth checking with the groom.

No dress code

Sometimes you might be invited to a wedding which doesn’t have a dress code at all and in some ways this makes deciding what to wear even more challenging. In this case perhaps seek some advice from the groom about expectations and then go for an outfit which you think is appropriate. However casual the event might be, it’s always better to err on the side of formal as you can always remove a jacket and tie, but it’s harder to dress up jeans and a t-shirt if you get it badly wrong.


Following a wedding dress code is important for the bride and groom as it means all their guests will look smart in the photographs and everyone will fit in with their chosen theme. There might also be guidance from their venue as to what type of clothing people are permitted to wear so bear in mind it might not be the bride and groom dictating the dress code, but the wedding reception venue.

As long as you abide by the dress code, which should be easy now you have our quick and easy guide, you will be fine and will be able to work out what to wear to every type of wedding event and venue without any difficulties at all.

Quick makeup tips for beginners
 Makeup can magically transform you and enhance your personality. You can be the center of every occasion with the right makeup. Although it is an art, putting the right makeup is not that difficult. It has been a mystery for many people but you can master the art by taking simple lectures from master classes on makeup tutorials for beginners from an appropriate online tutorial. What makeup is perfect depends on the occasion and timing. However, some basic makeup tips can help you stand out of the crowd in all situations. Here we present some simple and quick tips for basic makeup.
The basic and essential groundwork for any kind of makeup is cleaning your skin. You can either wash your face with a gentle cleanser or can use a toner to wipe away dirt and impurities.
This is important to moisturize dry skin patches. Even if your skin is oily, you should not skip this step completely. Putting a little moisturizer will keep too much oil on your skin during day time. For oily skin, you can use a gel-based alternative.
    Light Foundation
Put foundation in little spots on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Spread it in an outward direction. You should select the foundation that matches your skin tone. For better coverage, you can use a makeup sponge to apply the foundation but use the same spreading technique.
    Little Concealer
Use a concealer to cover dark circles under the eyes. Use a pointed brush put a dot of concealer on the dark circles. Use a concealer that is closest to your skin tone in shade. Remember not to pick a lighter shade.
    Set Concealer and Moisturizer
Use the translucent powder to set the concealer and moisturizer. You should apply it to your face with the help of a velvet powder puff in a pressing motion. You can remove the excess powder with a powder brush.
    Eye Shadow
You can use an eye shadow shade of your choice. If you are a beginner, you can start with a single color. A rounded brush or your fingertip is ideal to apply the shadow. Make quick short swipes across your lid up to the brows.
    Eye Liner
Use a black or brown pencil instead of liquid to start with. The best way is to lift your upper lid with one hand, look down, and apply it along the rim of the upper lash in small strokes.
    Curl Lashes
Perfectly curled eyelashes can enhance your look multiple folds. Use a lash curler for the purpose. You should put the curler at the base of your eyelashes. Press for around five seconds to see the magic.
One coat of mascara will keep your lashes in shape for a longer time. Apply to upper and lower lashes moving towards the outer corner of the eye.
    Blush Your Cheeks
Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks gives you a natural glow. You can use either cream-based or powder-based blush. Apply on apples blending upwards towards the temples. Smile while doing it for better results.
    Lip Gloss and Lip Color
Put lipstick with your mouth little open and starting from the center. Blend to the corners with your finger. You can also enhance your lips by outlining with a lip liner. If you are using a regular lipstick but want a matte finish, apply a little powder after putting on lipstick.