Perfect Salwar Kameez to Flatter Different Body Shape

Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular and highly preferred Indian ethnic wear. It comes in numerous designs, patterns and cuts. Churidar Suits, Palazzo Suits, Anarkali Suits, Patiyala Suits are to name a few Salwar Kameez styles. Salwar suits look amazing on women of any age, size or body shape. It’s just that you need to pick the right outfit according to your body shape, style, occasion and choice.

Considering the vast array of options available according to your body shape, here is an infographic illustrating a perfect guide to choose the most suitable salwar kameez that goes well with your body shape.

Perfect Salwar Kameez

Natural Treatment to Fix Varicocele

Varicocele is an extended vein or bunch of veins inside the scrotum, fundamentally the same as a varicose leg vein. Infertility is a developing issue on the planet, and with families holding up longer than at any other time to have youngsters, some of the time individuals get some outcomes concerning the unknown causes excessively late. The varicocele channels blood far from either of the gonads. In case you have been let you know infertile, and the starting point of the issue is a varicocele, you do not consequently need to subject yourself to an obtrusive and exorbitant surgery.

Natural Treatment

Nobody knows the reason what makes a varicocele happen. Varicoceles regularly frame amid adolescence and all the more frequently on the left side. There are natural options that can get to the primary driver of the issue, and potentially even prompt a fruitful procreative act! This is most likely because of the position of the left testicular vein. To mend varicocele naturally one needs to deal with two things. Naturopathic specialists feel that poor food or diet, ecological poison presentation, and potentially hereditary qualities may assume a part in the trustworthiness of the vein divider as ages of man.

To begin with is your way of life – so the varicocele does not increment further. Second is to dispose of the free radicals that reason the valves to work despicably. In an ordinary varicose leg vein, the valves in the vein lose quality and come up short. With varicocele, the valves never shaped so as a kid experiences pubescence and the regenerative organs grow; a varicocele may frame. With more than 5000 cases overall recuperated naturally, you can make sure of an effective Varicocele Treatment At Home. After some time, varicoceles may wind up plainly bigger, expanding the shot of infertility. Despite the side that the varicocele is on, sperm creation in either gonad or both might be influenced.

Various Natural Treatment to Treat Varicocele:
     To start with varicocele treatment at home, you need to revise your way of life propensities.
     Guardians of children may likewise need to consider the particular supplements recorded here, as methods for supporting the strength of the testicular veins, as their child creates.
     Eat all the more perfect food or diets, and less handled sustenance which contains free radicals that harm your cells and make your blood unfortunate.
     This is particularly imperative if varicocele keeps running in your family.
     You need to build the quantity of natural products; you expend keeping in mind the end goal to clean your body from the back to front.
     The thought here is to help the strength of the tissues and vein dividers, enhance flow to the testicles, and enhance cell wellbeing to shield the sperm and conceptive tissues from free radical and poison harm through a particular supplement and natural bolster.
     Acidum adjusts the pH around the valves with the end goal that the free radicals wind up noticeably powerless
     Keep away from presentation to ecological poisons will keep the sperm from being presented with fewer toxins which might be available in the blood.
     This varicocele treatment at home is moderate in light of the fact that the solutions don't influence the territory straightforwardly. These medications work like a group meds to help the blood vessel and venous frameworks pick up quality.
     Entire sustenance is impetuses for cancer prevention agents, which shield cells from free radical harm.
     They will help deal with the pH of the whole body such that it would more be able to free itself of the poisons that have been developing rapidly.
     Selenium is essential for legitimate sperm varicocele treatment at home.
     To viably redress a varicocele, the solutions are just half of the treatment. The rest is dependent upon you.
     It is anything but difficult to get sufficient selenium allow by eating four to five Brazil nuts a day.
     Unless you embrace a solid way of life, your body won't quit building up the varicocele, and the solutions will just keep the varicocele from developing briefly.

It is also noted that natural treatments might be correlative to medicinal alternatives and ought not to be depended on as the sole outcome of the issue. But it is very sure that varicocele treatment at home will be very much useful and provide the best solution.

Don't Try These Makeup Hacks — Ever!

With skyrocketing beauty and skincare product prices these days, who does not love makeup hacks?  Makeup hacks are often inexpensive, practical and offer multi-functional benefits for various makeup and skincare products.  Quite often, completely unrelated products are also widely acclaimed for their supposed beauty and skincare benefits.

Don't Try These Makeup Hacks

10 Makeups you must never ever try
Bet you’ve heard these makeup hacks before, and probably tried one or a few yourself in the past!  Below are 10 of the most popular makeup hacks that must be banished to oblivion before these hurt — the skin and the ego — of one more unsuspecting victim:

1. Colorless lacquer to stunt and cover up cold sores.
Cold sores are painful enough on their own.  Seriously reconsider if you’re considering this beauty hack at all!  Lacquers are among the harshest if not the most toxic beauty products around.  Stunting your cold sore with a lacquer will only make it more painful than it already is.

2.  Lipstick to dry out pimples. 
For all you know, it could be a makeup product you’re using that caused your pimples to breakout. So, why use an often chemical laden lipstick to further infect your already-infected pore?  Get yourself an inexpensive zit cream or cleanser that contains acne-fighting ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid instead.

3.  Permanent markers used as eyeliners. 
Yish! This hack is completely ignorant — period!  You don’t even have to think to delve into how toxic permanent markers can be for your skin, you just have to consider how you’ll take it off when you need to wipe it off.

4.  Crayons and Sharpies to color your eyelids and lips.
Using highlighters to color your nails is fine but, to color your face?  Totally unthinkable! Unless you perceive your face as paper, then go right ahead and draw with crayons and sharpies with it.

5.  Underarm deodorant to control excess oils.
Disgusting as it may sound, some people do think deodorant can solve their greasy face issues.  Let’s review!  What does an underarm deodorant try to control?  Sweat, isn’t it?  It’s not the same as oil so what’s the point of having to put this product on your face? Duuuuh!

Don't Try These Makeup Hacks

6.  Onions to thicken your eyebrows. 
Unless you’ve never sliced open an onion before, you’ll figure out how foolish this hack is in an instant.  Onion stings your eyes and, unless you want to cry your tear glands out, it’s best to keep it away from your eyebrows.

7.  Glue to treat blackheads.
How hard is it to get yourself a nose strip, really?  If you don’t have one on-hand, boil yourself a bowl of water and subject your face to the steam.  This opens up your pores.  Follow up with a gentle wash and you’ll be free from blackheads without sticky glue on your face!

8. Lemons as skin brighteners.
The juice of lemon and lime are effective skin brighteners due to their natural astringent properties.  What most makeup tricks list fails to mention is that lemon and lime juice must never find its way on your face in its undiluted form.  These are super drying that it will not only zap out moisture from your skin but even burn it on the spot.  Always add in lukewarm water or honey in a 1: 2 up to 1:4 ratio.

9. Diaper rash cream to cure zits.
Just because zits are so common, that does not mean zits can be relieved by any other unthinkable means, does it?  Leave the diaper rash cream on your baby and find yourself a blemish cream. Any zit can instantly vanished with simple makeup tricks.

10.  Chocolate drink as a self-tanner.
Unless your objective is to be chased all day by ants, cockroaches and other insects then, go ahead and try this makeup hack while you have your bikinis on!

The popularity of social media, somehow, seems to have proliferated many of these makeup tricks too — and, it seems, in fact, more have surfaced in this past decade.  While you may love makeup hacks, it will be safer for you to know that many are myths, and some can actually harm you if you’re not careful.

5+ Best Fashion WordPress Themes

Fashion keeps on changing with the time & so does the norms, trends & methods related to it. Thus it becomes critical to follow & understand the ongoing patterns if you are in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is vast; there are big designers, beginners, buyers & lovers of new creations & the one who work behind the scene to make it all come together in visuals. The recent addition in this long list are the fashion bloggers! All the fashion enthusiasts who are either simply blogging about fashion or the ones who are working as a freelancer, or selling their creations direct from their website are defining the contemporary drift. If you are one of the budding designer or fashion enthusiasts & intending to establish an online presence for yourself, you must check out the following list of Premium WordPress Themes which are developed with fashion in mind!

1)    Feminine

Feminine is a fashion-oriented theme that largely focuses on a feminine bunch of readership. It includes an eye-catching layout with subtle background choices which helps in highlighting the content. The Instagram section provides a bonus to take advantage of social media platform. It has some super cool options for posts layout, About Me widget, Signature support & author box to encourage your readers to get to know you & to connect with you.


2)    eCommerce

Launching an e-store is one of the best ways to get the recognition for your talent & eCommerce helps you in setting up the best online store in just a few simple steps. When it comes to the features, this theme has plenty of cutting-edge features to beat the competitors such as parallax slider, wishlist option, option to add unlimited categories on the homepage, floating navigation option & so much more. Among other features, this theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin which ensures a smooth buying-selling experience on both ends.

3)    Monte

Fashion blog or magazine cannot be just written words; it has to be visually attractive to tempt the readers & Monte brilliantly fills that part! It has pixel perfect design with smooth typography options & is responsive to all the possible screens. You can use its infinite scrolling option to load new posts without any glitches automatically & your readers will be hooked to your magazine site forever.

4)    Infinite

With infinite scrolling option, this theme is rightly named! It comes with a variety of options to design your site including drag & drop builder, mega menu, sticky header, slide out widgets, custom share buttons along with a highly customizable panel & so much more. The theme has WooCommerce support to help you sell products straight from your site.

5)    MagXP

MagXP is a solid choice if you want something stylish & modern without compromising the quality of your site. This theme offers a secure & agile framework which is easy to edit & comprehensive for even beginners. With 12 demo options, you can get inspired to develop your blog or magazine & further can import one of the demos to get started, credits to the easy installation process. Also, you get search engine optimized features incorporated into the theme to beat your competitors with better search engine results.

6)    The Styler

A dedicated, stylish & highly functional theme perfectly fit for health, beauty & fashion niche. Using its drag & drop homepage builder, you can create a beautiful site accommodating your personality, elements & vibe of the niche. It has a Live Customizer which has a beauty to let you preview all the changes while editing your site by just activating/deactivating the features.

7)    Fashion Chic

As the name suggests, this theme has all the necessary features including a beautiful design, customizable layout, a powerful slider to include all your posts, sidebar widgets, multiple navigation bars, featured content blocks, individual post design & the list is endless. The theme is easy to customize & is further translation ready if your site is in a language other than English. A dedicated support team is right at your disposal to solve your issues & provides constant updates to keep your site updated with the latest WordPress version.

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle might seem difficult to many but the reality is that just by following a few good habits, our goal of a healthy life can be achieved.
I am sure that many of you out there wish to have a perfect and healthy body along with a healthy mind and trust me, it’s not something that a genie will do for you in seconds in fact you will have to put a little bit effort in it and ultimately you will see the results. 

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The reason that you are reading this article is probably because you are also finding and searching those ways out through which you can have your desired healthy body, well, don’t worry because as always, we are here to help you. Today in this article we are going to list down the 3 ways to have a good general health body.

We’ve all heard it and we hear it almost every day that exercise is a necessary thing and we need to take some time out of our daily routine for exercising.
Well, sadly, we all ignore it and do not pay much head to its importance which is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The formula is simple, exercise daily and improve your health. We are not asking you to go for 3 or 4 hours of harsh workout in fact a 30 minute mild walk will be enough and you will start feeling a change in yourself too after a month or so.

2- 8 Hours of Sleep
The current generation is unaware of the importance of a good night sleep of 8 hours.
The mind and the body needs to relax in order to function perfectly and if you are not providing yourself enough relaxation then sorry to tell you that you won’t have any energy left to perform actively in daily life.

3 Ways to Have A Good General Health Body

The 8 hours of sleep are going to boost your energy levels and also, your happy hormones get triggered when your mind gets enough time to relax. So, if you genuinely care about your body and your health then start sleeping early from today.

3- Eat Healthy
Just like the above two factors, this one gets ignored the most! The major thing which will add years to your life is healthy food. You consume healthy you produce healthy energy and healthy environment.

We all are attracted to junk and fatty food so much that our obesity rate is increasing on a terrible rate and this is something we all need to focus on. Start eating healthy and specially, add some green vegetables to all your meals and within a period of one month, you will see the change for yourself.

Also, it is important to get sufficient Info Aging which is why you must make a habit of reading articles on health and make some research on how to add years to your life. Health is something which should always be a person’s first priority because someone said it right that health is wealth!

This is for today. Stay connected and keep reading because we’ve got a lot more to talk on this important topic. Till then, keep sharing and keep loving our articles. We assure you that we will come up with some more interesting and informative articles for the next time. 

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